What is Trending on the Dog Scene?


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We all know dogs are man’s best friend, and we love nothing more than to treat them as such, by spoiling them and giving them all the comforts of modern day living that we enjoy, right down to a fashionable wardrobe. There is an entire industry that caters to providing our pooches the best in life, keeping our pets trendy and in the now. Check out the latest in must have accessories and trends to spoil your dog with.

Pet Locator Apps

Just about everyone has a smartphone these days, and pet owners are able to use this as an asset in keeping our dogs safe, with the arrival of locator apps. A small wireless device attached to the dog’s collar will interact with the application, providing GPS coordinates to show exactly where your dog is located should they break free or run off.

Luxurious Pet Beds

The ultimate symbol of an owner’s love is to provide your pup with an over the top, extravagant mans for slumber. Your precious pet could be snoozing in a bed designed to replicate a Moroccan oasis, or a beach from cabana. Elaborate canopies and fabrics adorn these beds, giving Fido the perfect place to rest his head, and provide an interesting design piece in the owner’s home.

LED Dog Collars

LED dog collars are a fantastic tool or keeping track of our pooches in bad lighting conditions, or for making sure they are highly visible when walking at night, or roaming the property freely. Passing traffic, other people, and anything else in the vicinity will be well aware of the dog’s location, making an LED dog collar an excellent safety tool.
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Man’s Best Friend Photography

Our pets are family, so it is natural we would want to capture our memories with them. Photo-shoots with our dogs included, or just of our dogs for that matter, have become all the rage, and animal photography has become a booming business.

Diamond Encrusted Puppy Accessories

In a statement of utter devotion, and a love for the best in life, some free spending dog owners choose to bring their pup’s accessories out with precious jewels to truly reflect their precious pup’s value and worth. Leashes, collars, harnesses, bowls and other items can be adorned with diamonds to provide the wealthiest of dogs both function and fashion.

Socially Active Pooches

Some dogs have more active social lives than their owners, and there is a wide array of activities available that are designed specifically to enhance your puppy’s social presence. Dog parks are a relaxed and informal place to bring your doggy to make friends, but in light of the trend a whole slew of places where pet and owner can mingle have popped up, like canine social clubs, puppy activity centers, interactive pet stores, and owner’s are even hosting events like doggy birthday parties and weddings for their beloved pets.

Creative Grooming

Grooming is necessary for many breeds to keep them tidy looking and keep their nails and teeth in good condition. Groomers are taking this to the next level by coloring fur in bright shades of pink, blue and green, or providing nail painting services, even cutting fur in unlikely styles, featuring designs, fades and other barbering techniques, allowing their pooch to express their creativity and individuality.

Homemade Dog Treats

With concerns constantly growing over the quality and safety of manufactured food and treats for pets, many owners are taking it upon themselves to lovingly bake their own. Certain ingredients like sweet potatoes, bananas and peanut butter are safe for use and well received by dogs. Endless recipes for delicious and nutritious dog edibles are available online and in canine cookbooks, and your pooch will be delighted with your efforts.

Whether you follow all of the trends, or just a few of the most important ones, your furry friend will be likely to have a great 2015!

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