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Can Dogs Drink Milk? – The Scoop on Dogs and Dairy


Milk is a drink that is VERY popular among humans and animals alike.  It is delicious (heck, it is used in so many bakery goodies of course it is yumma-licious!). We are told it is great for our teeth and amazing for our skin. With small children, it is supposed to give strength and is a very much-preferred way of getting nutrition. With cereal, cookies, or even in a plain glass, we are used to consuming tremendous quantities of milk through the course of our life, but the question that lies here today is can dogs drink milk?


How Dogs and Dairy Mix

You may remember from when I talked about cheese, that MOST dogs are lactose intolerant. This doesn’t mean milk will kill them, it means that they have a harder time breaking down milk just like some of us. The lack the enzymes that are required to be able to break sugars found in milk down and thus it is very difficult for them to digest the milk even if they think that it is very delicious. There are some dogs that are NOT lactose intolerant and they might be fine drinking a bit of milk every now and then. Even if your dog is lactose intolerant, they may be fine as well drinking just a tiny bit of milk as a treat unless it is a puppy. If you dog is still a puppy, do not feed him or her milk. It’s never a good idea to do experimenting at such a young age. The same goes with if your dog is a senior.


Use Caution When Giving Your Dog Milk

Diarrhea in dogs is a problem and milk may be the cause in many cases. You are aware that milk isn’t too great for your dog so giving it to your dog may result in diarrhea because your dog’s stomach cannot break down the lactose.  I’m sure you would not want to deal with a dog with diarrhea, especially with your busy schedule. Also, excessive diarrhea can be deadly for your because it can leave them dehydrated. This is a problem especially for puppies. If you’d prefer to stay on the safe side, the best alternative is giving your dog water to drink.

The specific milk I have talked about in this article was cow milk. I have heard in some cases that people give their dogs goat milk because it is easier to digest than dog milk. Whether you give your dog milk or not is totally up to you but the safer side of things would be sticking with water. This is one of those things where Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

So yes, dogs can drink milk, preferably goat milk, but it can come with bad side effects. It is always advisable, just like with any other new products you are thinking of feeding your dog, to consult your vet, do your full research and if still interested in feeding that item to make sure you feed in little amounts to increase endurance to the product and keep diarrhea at bay. It is the same deal when you are trying to feed milk to your dog for the first time.

In conclusion, the answer to the question can dogs drink milk is YES but also comes with a lot of different caveats that you must be aware of.

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    • The associated picture of a dog and ice cream concerns me. I have a Pugapoo (half pug, half poodle) and when I gave him only a large spoonful of whip cream he nearly died within 24 hrs. He started vomiting foam and through the night the clear foam turned pink then turned red from blood. He was vomiting blood which is actually not uncommon for dogs but his case was severe. I have noticed in the past that ice cream made him throw up but after the whip cream episode I realize that creamy anything is very dangerous for many dogs. Thanks!

  1. My dog has been ill for a few days now and hasn’t had food or water the entire duration. I tried having her eat ice cubes and popcicles, but while her eyes say she wants them, her actions say otherwise. I spilt a little milk while eating my cereal today and she ran over and drank it up. Worried about hydration, I gave her a tiny saucer of milk just to have her get something in her. I’m hoping it wasn’t a decision I’ll later regret. Any thoughts?

    • I have been giving my two dogs raw milk for about 2 months now. They go crazy over it. I have not had any problems yet, but I am keeping my eye out in case something turns up. I told my vet about it and she did not express any concerns over it.

  2. I’m confused
    My dog was shaking and drooling excesively and panting very hard.
    My wife had just mopped so i thought maybe he got into the bleach water.
    I looked up symptoms and first aid for bleach.
    It showed giving plenty of liquids, especially milk as first aid.
    The symptoms he has do not match the symptoms for bleach but I decided better safe than sorry. Besides wht harm could milk do?
    I was getting milk for him and my wife said the site she went to said never give a dog milk.
    So which is it?
    Also the first question that came to my mind when she told me was “doesn’t dog mothers milk have lactose too?”

    • Wow this is a really difficult situation. Have you consulted your vet on this matter? We are not experts, and don’t pretend to be; however, all milk is different and all dogs respond differently to milk. That is basically all I can say on the matter because I really think this problem requires professional consult. Good luck!

  3. My chowchow drinks lactose free milk and fortunately doesn’t have diarrhea. He also drinks water. But lately he is not eating food I admit he is very choosy on foods but I tried giving him different brands of dog wet and dry foods but he just come near to it and push it by his nose side by side and repeat it again and again, when I walk away from him he follow me and leave the food. that’s why I give him lactose free milk because I am worried he doesn’t have any intake. Everytime he dont have appetite I always substitute lactose free milk I just stopped when his appetite comes back. this situation happens once in a while . but he eat the natural balance dog food like a sausage half of it but before he ate one whole. he also eat the denta stick. He is active and a good eater. I am just worried he suddenly change his eating habbits , he is just turning 2years old on Feb. 6 . before 1-2 days only he dont want to eat but now it will be going to 5 days that his normal eating is not yet back. I am worried why this happen. I already brought him to the vet but the vet said he is fine and they just cut the nails. thank you in advance for any opinion or advice about this situation.

  4. My dog has no appetite and is very lethargic. Also, has some very,very loose bloody stool. I took him to the vet and they said worms, and gave him some medicine, but it’s been a week and still no appetite. What else could be wrong. He’s a Border Collie mix approximately 2-3 years old.

  5. Santosh Chintakindi on

    my dog drinks nearly 1 litre of milk per day, although only
    sometimes suffers from diarrhoea. should i continue

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