Can dogs Eat Bananas? – Our dog’s favorite fruit

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Asking the question: Can dogs eat bananas? Yes!

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Bananas

Yes, dogs can eat bananas. The drool-worthy sweetness, the euphoria-inducing butt-aching texture, the squashing mushiness of pale yellow delight… that my friend is how a dog feels about bananas.

Essentially, bananas are great treats for dogs. Our vet at Banfield Pet Hospital believes that bananas are actually WAY better for dogs as treats than many other baked biscuit-like treats because it contains natural sugars. One thing to watch out for is to make sure that they are given as TREATS and NEVER become a replacement for their daily dose of dog-food meals.

Can dogs eat bananas?

Dogs can eat bananas, but take caution

Many vets who prescribe banana in small amounts for dogs with colitis and other bowel issues. The banana contains enzymes, which will soothe an irritated colon and slow spasms of the colon. In addition, they contain enough sugars to perk up a dog who needs a boost due to digestive issues.

With what other foods can dogs eat bananas?

One way to create a very delightful and yummy treat for your dog by using bananas is to cut a slice of banana and wrap it in one tablespoon of peanut butter. It is a very healthy and delicious treat for dogs of any breed or size.

Excessive banana can give your dog diarrhea so watch out for the amount you feed them. There is also a lot of potassium in banana so again excessive amounts can cause more harm than good. A little bit every day or a slightly bigger piece once in a while is completely fine. It is not recommended that dogs eat whole bananas.

While bananas are mostly good for dogs, you should stear clear of banana chips. Usually these things are made from a lot of sulfites and they can be bad for dogs. You should also make sure your dog does not eat the banana peel. There seems to be nothing wrong with eating the peel but I have also heard nothing good about it so I think that until further research is done, we should really avoid the peels. If any of you guys know much about banana peels, feel free to add that information in the comments section of this article.

How to Feed Your Dog Bananas

As mentioned before, the thing about bananas, and fruit in general, is the amount of sugar that they contain. Fruits require a certain digestive enzymes to break them down, and this enzyme is different from the one used to break down vegetables and meat. Because of this, if you feed fruits with vegetables and meats to your dog, they will not get fully digested.  The sugary, undigested part sits in their digestive system and ends up aiding the growth of bad bacteria, which can lead to digestive and other health problems.

So the key to feeding fruits to your dog is when to feed it.

If you are feeding your dog a fruit before a meal, make it 1 hour before. This should give ample time for the fruit to get digested before the meat and vegetables.

If you are feeding after a meal, wait at least 2 hours after they have eaten. This way, the meat and vegetables have digested enough for the fruit to get digested properly.

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      • My bichon throws up foamy bile after eating bananas. At first I wasn’t sure why he was vomiting as we had just adopted him, but I was able to narrow it to the banana slices he was eating. Any thoughts on why he can’t digest this sweet treat?

  1. Frankie Furter and Ernie on

    WE love bananas….. they make super Pharrrrrrrts. Now this news about NOT mixing Fruits and Veggies is NEWS to me. Many of the super duper HIGH QUALITY foodable brands contain BOTH. They must NOT have gotten the memo either.

    • I agree. I had no idea about that either. I am not sure how BIG of an affect it has on our canine selves. That is just something the humans read and thought of including. Some things really work differently I think for all dogs.

  2. Heck yes we love bananas. Well, let me clarify..I (Kitty) go APE CRAP over them. My sister Coco eats them only because she wants to fit in with the crowd. Mom says she is just glad to be able to give us “human” food that she doesn’t feel guilty about.

    • Right? After my humans wrote that what human food dogs can’t eat article, I have been so upset at them that I am making them write plenty of what CAN we eat articles!:)

  3. I love banana! You are right it is a great treat.

    I have also eaten the peel a few times (when my mom wasn’t looking). While it hasn’t caused me any harm, I have promised my mom that I won’t eat one again.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Pawsome information about woofies and bananas! My kitty brofur luvs bananas which I think is furry odd. Momma will gives him a little bit off her finger every once in a while. MOL

    • Its great!!! A little bit is really what we should be fed. They are great but a little fatty so too much is not all that good. Again, it probably depends on the size of the dog and the kind of the dog though. Pugs are a toy breed and get fat veryyyy easily so we need to watch out.

      • They each had a piece last night when I was making my lunch for work (peanut butter and banana sandwich) lol and they loved it. Thank you I now found a nice healthy snack for my dogs. I couldn’t of done it with out you !!. Hope your having a good day full of banana treats 🙂

  5. For an extra special treat I like to freeze some bananas and give them to my doggies as a nice cool treat on hot days 🙂

  6. I love bananas! My owners feed me bananas, apples and lots of other fruit and veg! Love and Licks, Jingles. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Peels can be a great way to also feed your dog the leftovers you don’t want from the banana, unless you actually enjoy eating peels. Can be an acquired taste though.

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