Can Dogs Eat Beans? – Weighing risks versus benefits

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YES, dogs can eat beans.

Why are beans safe for my dog?

Dogs eat a wide range of foods, which is why many dog owners are asking about the foods that their dogs can eat. Just like human beings, dogs need to have a balanced diet and this they can get by taking a variety of foods.

Beans (also known as legumes or pulses) belong to an extremely large category of vegetables, containing more than 13,000 species and are second only to grains in supplying calories and protein to the world’s population.

Compared to grains, though, legumes supply about the same number of calories but usually two to four times as much proteins.

Despite their small size, beans pack a surprisingly rich and varied array of substances that are vital for good health.

Also richly colored dried beans offer a high degree of antioxidant protection. In fact, small red kidney beans rate even higher than blueberries.

Can dogs eat beans?

Beans are a good source of proteins and many people wonder whether it is right for dogs to eat them. Can dogs eat beans? Yes, dogs can eat beans. These do not pose any health complications to the dogs; in fact, they provide dogs with a different range of proteins that is different from that which they get from their meaty meals.

When is it not safe to feed my dog beans?

Not all beans are good for consumption by your dog. You need to keep your dog away from baked beans as well as coffee beans. Baked beans have tomato sauce, which is not good for your dog, while the coffee beans have caffeine, which can cause poisoning to your dog. These are harmful.

What are the best beans for dogs?

However, the green beans are best for your dogs. These have proteins, nutrients and minerals that are of good use to your dog. Raw green string beans are suitable for a healthy snack.

Most dogs will eat green beans, preferably raw. They are a good low calorie food for the dog and as long as they don’t cause intestinal upset, they are fine for the dog to eat.

Lentils are very good for dogs, are very alkaline and do not cause gas. You can buy dried lentils, soak, drain, re rinse and cook with a few cups of water. Then store in the fridge and add a few spoons to your dog’s food twice a day when he or she eats. I heat them with a little added water and then add my dog’s usual dry food. Not only does he love it but he also does not get any gas.

Please make sure that your dog is not allowed to go into the garden and pick out beans if you are making them at home. These can contain other items from the garden that can and will be toxic for your dogs. They should always be washed and cooked.

Side effects of feeding your dog beans

TOO much beans however, can cause just as much gas in your dog as in you as a person. Remember, human-food should only be fed as snacks to your dog and should never replace their normal kibble or whatever diet they are on. Some people try feeding their dogs cans of beans and that is always a terrible idea. Do you ever sit down and eat an entire can of bean by itself? If not, please do not try something like this on your dog.

So, can dogs eat beans? Yes, but not all types of beans. You therefore need to give your dog some beans occasionally to allow them to get other nutrients.

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      • Wholezymes out of the gel capsule and sprinkled in food, watered down organic yogurt (Greek), both great things to cut the pharts! Our Bully stopped completely and our vet said it was great for both our Bully and Pug. Makes them both a joy to travel with in an enclosed car.

  1. Oh bunk i just loves loves loves frozen green beans and fresh green beans in my food everyday!!!! Maggie hates them. That is just fine with me cos then i can have more!
    stella rose

  2. Hi Bunk
    I loves loves loves beans. Mommy is a vegetarian and although we dogs/cat ARE NOT, she makes sure we get fruits and veggies in our diet. Green beans are AWEsome, too.
    Love Noodles

  3. Hey Bunk!
    Wow, that would be great except for the fact that I pretty much refuse to eat veggies! Yes, I’m rotten and picky that way. Drives my peeps crazy. Besides, they say beans would make my tummy gurgle and my butt stinky. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. My Mom says I have to lose weight. I’m always hungry so Mom started to cook raw beans. Lima and chick are my favorite. She gives them to me for a treat. She also bought some lite dog food from the pet store. Mom mixes it with a little can food, adds some peas or green beans and tops it with a few cooked beans. Don’t know if my belly will shrink but I enjoy dinnertime.

  5. Oh fudge bucket….I just heard that green beans were great for dogs. Didn’t check further, went right out and bought 6 cans…now I see that the sodium content is a problem. Is it possible to rinse the beans thoroughly enough to get rid of all or most of the sodium ??? Charlie really needs to loose 5 or so pounds.

  6. My Lil boxer brother was sick when we brought him home, the drs told mom and dad to feed him grain free food, or rice and chicken. I think mom and dad like to cook for us now, I love it! Last night I chicken from the crook pot with lots of veggies, like butternut squash, fresh green beans, carrots, potatoes, celery and chick peas! They don’t put seasonings in just some water and let it cook all day!yum yum yum

    • Your chicken soup recipe sounds delicious. I heard that the skin on beans like chick peas should be removed. Does it upset you in anyway.

  7. Yes!
    My mommie feeds me apples, oranges, plums, bananas, sweet potatoes, zucchini, cabbage, pinto beans, green beans, kidney beans, lentils, spinach, purple potatoes, watermelon, cantelope, honeydew melon, celery, parsely and black beans.
    I love it when mommie has the grocery boy or girl load the back seat with bags full of yummie-smelling things. I always get to go grocery shopping with my mommie, unless she tells me to stay home when it is ”dead doggie” weather ( hot outside ) . When it is dead doggie weather,, I stay at home where it is cool. I just wonder why those dead doggies like for it to be so hot?

  8. I heard green beans were excellent to add to the diet. I chose to use frozen. Made my Westie itch like crazy. God Bless Google. Yes apparently some dogs are sensitive to them and they itch…go figure.
    I would if i could but alas not meant to be. She does get other veggies with no problem. She is not a fan of pumpkin either, rats!

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