Can Dogs Eat Broccoli? – When broccoli is safe for dogs

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Can I give my dog broccoli?

YES, dogs can eat broccoli.

It is not one of those food items that you can feed infinitely to your dogs. Just like every other kind of human food, broccoli should be fed to your dog in moderation but if that is done, then sure dogs can eat an occasional broccoli or two.

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Even though it’s packed with nutrients and vitamins, a dog’s digestive system is different than ours, so simple vegetables like broccoli will not be broken down the same way. In this case, it’s not whether it’s dangerous to give your dog broccoli, but whether they need to eat it at all.

As much as we depend on them for their company, dogs equally rely on us to take good care of them as if we would a clingy child. Dogs have specific needs that they cannot provide themselves or to each other and this is where we come in. One of the most important fundamentals of keeping your dog healthy is providing them with a well-balanced diet. Although dogs can often be seen rummaging through garbage bins for food if they get the chance, believe it or not, dogs can’t eat everything.

Dog looking at vegetables

Potential Risks in Feeding Dogs Broccoli

There are certain foods that have been shown to be lethal for dogs if consumed in large amounts, one of those foods being broccoli. You might be a little confused as to whether or not your dog can munch on this green vegetable, as some healthier choices of dog food actually contain small amounts of it in their recipes, but we’ve got the low down on this matter.

Some people misunderstand broccoli and think that this vegetable can be poisonous for your dog. This is not true.

In general, broccoli isn’t poisonous. It’s actually a great source of fiber for your pet dog, not to mention the perfect snack your dog can chew on to naturally clean their teeth.

It’s not broccoli that is poisonous; it’s the AMOUNT of broccoli.

Broccoli contains isothiocyanate, which is a gastric irritant. It’s also what causes broccoli toxicity in animals.

How Much Broccoli Your Can Safely Feed Your Dog?

The amount of broccoli that your dog can consume without experiencing any negative side effects specifically depends on the size of your dog. One piece of broccoli to a Labrador might be fine, but could be potentially deadly to a pint-sized dog such as a Chihuahua. It has been determined that your dog can have some broccoli as long as it accounts for less than 5% of their daily food intake. Any more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet can cause serious stomach problems and can be fatal if it makes up more than 25%.

Can dogs eat broccoli?

Dogs are just as prone to sickness and disease as we are, and in order to prevent illness from even occurring nourishment from different kinds of foods is a must. Broccoli is high in antioxidants, which are known to fight cancer-causing cells. Chlorophyll is a pigment that can be found in green leafy vegetables and is proven to protect our bodies against exposure to carcinogens. Another important nutrient it has is bioflavonoids. This is a specific vitamin known to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and anti-cancerous properties therefore lessening the chances of you and even your dog from developing any related health ailments. Lastly, it is a great source of fiber and if taken occasionally, can regulate your dog’s bowel movements.

In conclusion, dogs can have broccoli but in very small amounts. I would not feed anything to my dog before consulting the vet first. Also, there are so many food options in the market and a variety of things that can be fed to your pet. It makes no sense to feed them lots of broccoli and be unsafe, when you can safely feed them many other kinds of food very safely!

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  1. My dog is a mixed poodle with Pomeranian… He’s 7 months. He’s name is Pete. And he chews on anything he lays he’s eyes on… What could be harmful for him?

    • YES it can be very harmful you dont know what some of those things contain. I think getting your dog toys and things to do daily will take his mind off of other harmful things

    • I feed my rescue greyhound a piece of fresh steamed broccoli every day with brown rice and turkey in her special dinner or lunch. I adopted her when she was two. She is perfectly healthy and adores the treat. My vet says it is fine. She is four years old and weighs 59 pounds. Her other foods for meals every day are pro plan and beneful. She gets three normal (never oversized) meals a day and exercise daily. Works for us!

      • I feed my rescue greyhound a piece of fresh steamed broccoli everyday with brown rice and turkey in her special dinner or lunch. I adopted her when she was two. She adores the treat. My vet says she is fine. She is four years old and weighs 59 pounds. Her other foods everyday are pro plan and beneful. She gets two other ( never oversized) meals a day with daily exercise. Works for us !

  2. My Cocker Spaniel loves it and best of all it works as a natural laxative. I give it to him whenever he’s constipated. At almost 13 that seems pretty often. He eats in raw but likes it best steamed slightly.

  3. My dogs (2 chihuahuas and a medium sized beagle mutt) LOVE lightly steamed broccoli as a small after dinner treat. Also, they enjoy small bites of peeled apples and shredded carrots.

  4. My dog is a Lab mix and she begs for broccoli ! She loves it!!
    I just give it to her as a snack when I’m eating it 😉

    After reading this I will be more careful

  5. i just found out my dog loves broccoli. he ate the entire thing. stem and all.
    i panicked and check the site and now i am relieved.

  6. I have a Yorkshire Terrier . I would like to know if it safe to feed him Rice and boiled chicken. Also if he can eat wheat bread.

  7. How much of the dog recipe should we give our dog? It says to chill and serve but it doesnt say how much. I’m making his dinner now with chicken, carrots, brown rice and broccoli. I only put 2 little broccoli’s in his food. Can he have more? The broccoli is about a half of inch in size. I’m not sure if he can more or less than this. He was recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumor, and the vet was able to get out 80% of it. I heard broccoli is a good source for fighting cancerous cells. Any help would be appreciated. He is a mixed breed and weighs 52lbs.

    • My dog would beg for broccoli all day. She knows when it’s 3 hours between meals and would eat a whole head if I dropped it on the floor. She’s a 12 old Westie and I give her a medium floret raw once or twice a day. It’s like I own a goat. ,….But…… Her hair is falling out. Going to check with the vet to see if it’s unrelated.

  8. I feed my bull dogs broccoli everyday. I boil a huge pot of two whole broccoli’s around ten potatoes and three kilos of chicken and a few hand full’s of basmati rice. Very healthy dogs, I feed scrambled eggs with that in the morning with pumkin.

  9. I fed my rescue Labrador some broccoli with dog food, 2 days after he started throwing up all over the
    house. He doesn’t even get up or eat , looks weak. This is my experience by feeding broccoli to my pet.

    • Thanks for sharing. We do our best not to generalize things to all dogs. Bunk eats everything and can handle many things that we recommend you do not feed your dog. Because you have had this problem, I will append the article to make sure our readers are aware of the potential problems.

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