Can Dogs Eat Corn?

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Can dogs eat corn is much of a controversial topic. Of course, this is not very surprising given that a lot of well-known dog food companies use it as their most common ingredient.

Some proponents of corn will also tell you that it is the greed and lust of the expensive, high-quality dog food companies that make them advertise that corn is not good for dogs.

While others have said it’s an excellent source of all sorts of good-sounding things, something that is not often mentioned is that corn is less than 50% digestible. Things that are not digestible easily can cause problems from a lot of dogs who have sensitive stomachs, as well as the smaller dogs (like pugs!) and senior dogs.

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Something to consider then is, why feed something that is completely unnatural and hardly digestible to a dog when you can feed something that is highly digestible and species appropriate? You might also want to consider the amount of corn you will have to feed your dog, which is quite high compared of other ingredients.

It is also said that corn is high on carbohydrates, which is something our dogs do not have much use for, and so it turns into fat. Corn is bad for a dog’s heart, coat and digestive system.

Some dogs are also allergic to corn, which is why these days you will see a lot of high-quality dog food will mention “no-corn” on the top of their packaging.

Of course, this is all about processed corn in dog good. A few kernels of freshly boiled, unbuttered sweet corn is fine and a great occasional treat. It is not recommended at all that dogs eat corn as a primary substance in their food.

Dogs like corn, but a devoted owner should consider against giving their dog too much corn – for it can harm the dogs digestive system.

Many dogs love to chew on corn cobs – the taste of the salt, butter, and bits of corn, plus they are just fun to chew. Some dogs chew them up. Some dogs don’t. Corn cobs can cause intestinal obstruction, a very serious (and potentially fatal) medical condition. Additionally, some dogs are sensitive to corn and can suffer intestinal effects from that as well as the physical obstruction.

It is wise to keep all cobs away from your dog, safely secured in the trash. Dogs can be very “creative” when they want something in the trash, so make sure that the garbage is emptied or otherwise access protected from your pet.


If you suspect your dog has eaten a cob (or any food or foreign material that they shouldn’t have), please call your vet as soon as possible. The sooner you call the vet, the better it is for your pet.

Dogs should never eat the cob of a corn because they will not be able to digest it. It can clog their digestive tracts and kill them.


  1. Frankie Furter and Ernie says

    OUR mom lets us have the corn bone thingy with a LITTLE of the corn left on them.. butt she WATCHES us like a CRAZED SQUIRREL and takes them away if we start to chew the BONE pawt.
    She let us only have a tiny bit at furst to make SURE we were not gonna have any kind of bad thingy happen to us.
    She says…. a little goes a long way… butt that LITTLE is grrrrreat.

  2. feloneouscat says

    “Dogs like corn, but a devoted owner should never give the dog to much corn – for it can harm the dogs digestive system.”

    Based on what? Your gut feelings? Harm the digestive system how? According to whom?

    You’re right to call this “bunkblog” because without any form of science backed basis, I say this is all bunk.

    • Bunk says

      You are right, the language is biased. I will make some changes.’You’re right to call this “bunkblog” because without any form of science backed basis, I say this is all bunk.’ I have to admit that’s pretty funny, but “BunkBlog” comes from the name of our pug, Bunk, who is name after Detective Bunk Moreland, from the television show, The Wire. I suggest you watch.

  3. Zipper the pekapom says

    Corn gives me bad gas. And I mean bad! My mom has to move away from me when I pass corn gas, and I don’t like being away from her. I eat lamb and rice dog food, and though I love corn on the cob, I know I shouldn’t have it.

  4. ella says

    I wonder if corn is inherently indigestible or if it is the gmo corn that is really so bad. so many people are turning to a gluten free (corn and wheat free) diet and doing really well…but what pet foods out there are corn and wheat free?

  5. svenbender says

    Mine ate 4 cobs today and he’s perfectly normal,but i wanted to see if its okay.Thank’s for the info :D

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