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Can Dogs Eat Fish?

YES, dogs can eat fish!



Health Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Fish

A lot of dogs drool over the smell of salmon, and it is for good reason. Fish, like salmon, tuna and cod, are not only yummy for dogs but they are really good for their health as well! It is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids that are awesome for dogs’ coats. It keeps them nice and shiny! This is why these kinds of fish are very easily found in so many kinds of dog food and treats. Fish is great for dogs that have sensitive stomachs or other allergy problems (like skin issues). In addition to this, fish helps dog stool become firmer if they have watery/soupy (I know it sounds eeky!) stool. It also helps with shedding if you have a dog (like a pug) that sheds a lot. It has been proven on many dogs that the continuous use fish oil or treats can reduce itchiness, rash and irritation of skin. Some studies (that I read on the back of dog treat bags) suggest that fish can cause your dog to have better behavior and boost their energy. While I do not know for a fact if this is true, it would not surprise me since fish seems to be nothing but beneficial overall for dogs.

Can Dogs eat Fish?

Fish For Fido

  • There are several canine foods that have Salmon as their main source of Protein:
  • Pro Plan sensitive skin and stomach (widely available)
  • Merrick Before Grain Salmon
  • Addiction Salmon Bleu
  • California Natural Salmon & sweet Potato (canned food)
  • Additionally, lot of good foods offer Fish as their main source (or 2nd source) of protein:
  • Natures Recipe Fish & Potato (widely available)
  • Wellness Complete health whitefish & sweet potato
  • Wellness Complete health Lamb, Barley & salmon
  • Natures Logic Duck & Salmon
  • Natures Recipe Whitefish & potato
  • Eagle Pack Tuna Salmon & shrimp (canned)
  • Eagle Pack Holistic Select Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon
  • Flint River Fish & Chips (trout based)
  • Dick Van Patten’s Sweet Potato & Fish
  • Native Performance dog food (ALL have fish in them)
  • Blue Buffalo Fish & Sweet Potato
  • Canidae (canned)

Again, seeing the wide availability of fish in dog food, we conclude fish is good for dogs.

Pug looking at fish

Dangers of Feeding Your Dog Fish

Now that we have told you about all the benefits of fish use, you might be very tempted to feed your best friend fish. This is why we also want to inform you of some POSSIBLE disadvantages and some caveats of fish use.

The one thing to watch out for in fish is that you want to make sure it is fed to them without any bones. You would not want the bones to get lodged in your dog’s throat or irritate the gastrointestinal tract.

Raw fish, like raw eggs, can contain bacteria that cause food poisoning. In addition, certain kinds of fish such as salmon, trout, shad, or sturgeon can contain a parasite that causes “fish disease” or “salmon poisoning disease.” If not treated, the disease can be fatal within two weeks. The first signs of illness are vomiting, fever, and big lymph nodes. Thoroughly cooking the fish will kill the parasite and protect your dog. Therefore, cooked fish is said to be better than raw fish. If you do want to feed your dog raw fish, make sure it is sushi grade fish.

The Dish on Fish

Thus, in conclusion, we think that fish can be great for your canine friend when fed with precautions! As always with new food, if your dog has never been given fish before make sure to give in a very small amount and make sure they are ok with it before giving in a bigger amount.

Finally, introducing any new food too quickly can cause an upset stomach, and different dogs may be able to tolerate certain types of fish more than other types of fish.

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  1. My dogs go nutso for tuna fish. Especially my pug. When I make a tuna sandwich I have to save a little bit and mix it in with their dry food. It’s the only time they woof (lol) down their dry food right away. Sometimes my pug will eat his and then try to push my Boston terrorist out of the way to get hers.

  2. Frankie Furter and Ernie on

    My mom has this grrrreat recipe that I call Slammin Sammin. OH that stuffs is sooooooo good. Ernie and I both scarf it up.

  3. Hey Bunk!
    Wow, great info here and I love those fishy pooch pix! My mom makes Frankie’s recipe for Slammin Salmon for me and I eat that a few times each week. It has baked salmon in it and boy is it delish! Great details here for all of us and our peeps.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. I never knew all this. Although I have never shown a particular like for fish. That said, I will scarf down any of Sunshine the Cat’s salmon chow if it “happens” to fall my way.
    Love Noodles

  5. Fish is for Cats…ha ha ha…..not really. We get fish in our food from time to time.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: Finding your scientific name is turning out to be a hard one!

  6. For those of you who are feeding your dogs tuna, do you rinse it and feed it to them from out of a can, or do you cook it?


    Nancy (Ozzie’s new mom)

  7. Fish is great for dogs, though a word of advice, if your dog suffers from pancreatitis DO NOT GIVE THEM OILY FISH, such as salmon it’s far too fatty. Stick to white fish it has practically the same benefits without the gastro flare ups

  8. I have two adult German shepherd and and three Doberman puppies. The Doberman get fish and rice twice a day…cooked. And milk.
    German shepherds diet is fully based on cooked fish and rice. It it okay?

  9. Have learned much from comments. Thanks for info, was concerned about what was safe for my pug to eat. I will keep on touch with all of your valuable information.

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