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Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

Pug in orange

YES, dogs can eat oranges if they are fed to your main-pooch in small segments. Usually any fruit (except grapes and the like) are OK for dogs as long as they are fed in moderation.

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Oranges

Research studies conducted on oranges have proven that this citrus fruit has numerous health benefits and nutritive properties for the human body. As humans and canines are about 95% similar in genetics, dogs are believed to obtain the same benefits from this fruit too. An orange is a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. The vitamin C content of the fruit has antioxidants that boost the dog’s immune system and provides protection against cancer causing free radicals. The inclusion of this fruit in the dog’s diet was proven effective in warding off illnesses such as colds and flu. The fruit is fat, sodium and cholesterol free. Unlike other human foods, consumption of oranges will not increase the risk of heart diseases. Regular consumption was in fact proven to help blood circulation. Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties that ease the chronic pain felt by arthritic canines. The folate in the fruit aids in the healing of wounds as it promotes production of new cells. Oranges are mostly water but it is rich in soluble sugar. This fruit is a valuable food for the pet as the nutrients and the enzymes would be highly beneficial especially to dogs advanced in age and starting to show symptoms of degenerative diseases.

Orange Peel

With so many healthful benefits, a dog owner may be tempted to allow the dog to consume several pieces of oranges regularly. The fragrant fruit with its attractive color would entice an inquisitive pet to take a bite. Dogs have sweet tooth too and once the juicy sweet fruit is tasted, it is possible that the dog would consume one orange… and another and another. Oranges are very refreshing. The dog, in all eagerness will consume pulp, seed and peel.

Orange pug

Dangers of Feeding Your Dog Oranges

Dog owners beware. Precaution will always be better than cure! Oranges would be safe for the dog but as with any other people food, this fruit has to be given to the pet in moderation. Excessive consumption can result in vomiting and diarrhea. Moreover, peel and seeds must not be ingested as they contain certain oils and citric acid limonin that when consumed in significant amounts can result to central nervous system depression.

Orange peels should not be fed to dogs because there is really not much information about whether they are good or harmful for dogs. It is hard to tell and I feel like until further information is researched we should keep our pup-cakes away from the skin.

Some people also use oranges as repellant from flees on dogs. This really depends on you and how you feel about using the citrus in orange as a repellant rather than the chemicals that are sold in pet stores like Pet Smart and Petco. Bunk the pug takes the well-researched pet store alternatives as repellent to flees because we do not want to take chances. Oranges however have been said to have a very similar affect. Again, we have absolutely no research to back up this information.

We have also been told by our vet at Banfield Pet Hospital that anytime you feed something new to your dog you should feed a tiny amount and wait for a couple of hours to see if there is any allergic reaction. If there is none then you can increase the dose of food. This applies to oranges as it does to other kinds of food. I think it is beneficial to do this especially with pugs who are very much prone to allergies.

All the essential nutrients in oranges can be found in premium quality dog food but oranges will give the dog a diverse diet.

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  1. Our toy poodle, Baby, was supp0sed to be dry eyed; however, she was not. We started giving her a couple slices of fresh orange daily and after a while her eye discharge cleared up. She is white and looks so much more beautiful now.

  2. im not sure where u got it from that dogs can eat oranges, but all other websites i checked claim that they are very dangerous for dogs. you should correct or warn people of the divided opinions on this topic before someone causes harm to their pet.

  3. Hello, I’m a Pit and I love ALL kinds of yummy things! Specially fruits blueberry and strawberries and watermelon and apples. I’ll eat anything my mom eats..if she’d let me. Salads, tomatoes luv them. Anything to be healthy for skin and ♡ mind and eyes! 🙂

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