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Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

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YES, dogs can eat popcorn. This is one very tasty snack that you can feel free to share with your loved dog. The only thing to be aware of is that butter can be extremely fattening for dogs and that salt can be toxic if fed in large amounts to a dog. Therefore, if you are feeding popcorn to your dog, please make sure that it does not contain salt or butter.

Well, in fact, popcorn is not the worse thing in the world to feed your dog while you’re snacking over a flick with your loved ones and friends. In excess, popcorn is not healthy for your dog because there are not nutritious benefits to popcorn for your dog. But in fact, for overweight and obese dogs, popcorn is a smart alternative for a “treat” because there are virtually no calories; just be sure it is unsalted with no butter.

You might feel like sharing some popcorn with your pooch while watching a movie because popcorn has so many health benefits for humans. In fact, even today when there are so many options in the market, popcorn is one of the most wanted snacks available! One of the outstanding qualities of popcorn as a nutritious food is the abundance of essential minerals found in it. Three ounces of popcorn will supply a growing boy or girl with more than one-third of his or her daily requirement of phosphorous and one-fifth of the daily iron requirement. Popcorn furnishes the human body with 2.7 milligrams of iron per 100grams of popcorn (edible portion). That is more than eggs, roast beef, peanuts, codfish, or milk, and is just short of spinach, which has 3.0 milligrams. Truly remarkable! With 281 milligrams of phosphorous per 100grams, popcorn is far ahead of eggs, beef, codfish, and spinach, and not too far behind liver and peanuts. Popcorn also supplies calcium- not so much as milk, the greatest of all calcium producers, but still more than man other producers, but still more than many other foods… The red corpuscles of the blood must have iron, and teeth and bones must phosphorous and calcium. Popcorn is a great source of these minerals.

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Popcorn is one of the healthiest foods anyone can eat. It has large amount of calories, protein, minerals and vitamins… and all-around food. For centuries corn has been basic in diets of many civilizations because it abundantly provides so many different nutrients. Today it still is among leading foods health-giving qualities. We all strive for a balanced diet of healthful foods, which taste good. There are few children or grown-ups who do not like the salty, tantalizing taste of hot, well-seasoned popcorn. Yet, of the millions who buy popcorn most do not know they are eating a highly nutritious food. Perhaps this has been a factor in popcorn’s tremendous popularity. Here is a sociable snack, which can be offered to old and young with complete assurance that it will supply the body with valuable nutrients and will in no way, harm the teeth.

How Much Popcorn You Can Give Your Dog

A lot of pet owners might see these potential benefits to humans and think that a large quantity of popcorn should also be good for their canine friends. This is not true. Popcorn is not dog food, your dog is not used to it and it is for sure not to be fed as some sort of a meal. It should only be used for snacking purposes if your dog is staring at you while you are trying to stare at the tube.

Popcorn is an excellent reward for specific obedience training or tasks. The treat is also an excellent reward to use when teaching your dog tricks.

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Unbuttered, unsalted popcorn is not known to contain components that could make pets sick, but popcorn could potentially become lodged in the throat, creating an upper airway obstruction. Owners who wish to offer their pets popcorn should consider this risk beforehand.

Precautions When Giving Your Dog Popcorn

Some people say that the shell of the popcorn kernel could possibly cut a dog’s intestines. There is absolutely no data (yet) to support this. Just as a precaution though, I would say make sure that the kernels have popped completely before serving any of it to your dog.

Can dogs eat popcorn?

Popcorn treats are not advisable for small, or toy, breeds, as the kernels and hulls can become lodged in either esophageal or rectal passages. Toy breeds include dogs such as Pugs, Maltese, Shih Tzu, and many more.

It’s often assumed that eating popcorn can cause a dog to become overweight, but plain popcorn is extremely low in calories.

Something else to consider is that some dogs can have severe allergic reaction to popcorns and so I would try in very little amounts first.

Of course, just as with any other kind of people food, please make sure that you feed popcorn to your dog only in moderation.

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