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Can Dogs Eat Salmon?

YES, dogs can eat salmon.

Mini Naturals Salmon Treats

That being said, there is a lot to know about salmon because fish like salmon can have bacteria in them that can be terrible for your dog. There is obviously a way to make sure that the salmon you are feeding your dog is good for their health. A lot of dog food is made of salmon. All you have to do is read the label for kibble and dog treats! Therefore, we were very happy to find out that eHow wrote about the exact way in which to include salmon in your dog’s diet.

The Different Kinds of Salmon For Dogs

Most salmon is good, but consider buying Chinook. Chinook salmon can grow more than five feet long and weigh more than 100 pounds. They are a popular food around the world. Their value is considered to be high protein, low fat, high Omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients. These make them a healthy food for most people and their pets.

Understand the two main types of salmon: Farm-raised and wild. Most salmon at the grocery or fish market is farmed salmon. These salmon are raised in water pens. Most canned salmon is wild salmon. Why is this important for you and your dog? According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, fish farmers may use antibiotics and pesticides to reduce disease outbreaks. The residues may affect the health of those who eat the salmon. Many nutritionists believe the strong benefits of eating salmon, even if it is farmed, are greater than the risks. Therefore, even though dogs can eat salmon, it is important for us to know what kind of salmon and in what amount we should be feeding to our dogs.

Why Salmon is Good For Dogs

Can dogs eat salmon?

Salmon is a food that is rich in many nutrients. This is available in stores and there are recipes that allow you to prepare it for your dog in different ways. This means that your dog gets to eat a wide variety of salmon dishes. When preparing salmon meals, you need to make sure you remove all the bones. Also, cook it well as undercooked salmon can have a parasite that might cause death to your dog.

Salmon Poisoning Disease and the Harms of Salmon For Dogs

Dogs can get salmon poisoning disease from eating salmon undercooked or raw. This is because there might be parasites in them. This is not a problem for cooked salmon. You just have to make sure that there is no seasoning in it! Please be very careful in handling the salmon.

If your dog is thriving, keep your current dog food as the primary food. If your dog is not thriving, talk to your vet about switching to a balanced dog food. Use salmon as a supplement to your dog food, not a replacement. You can add salmon nutrients with jerky, treats, toppers, capsules and oil.

Make sure you’re buying the right jerky for your dog. Salmon jerky is usually dried strips of salmon filet. Some brands are 100-percent wild Alaskan salmon. Other brands are salmon-flavored grains and fruits formed into jerky strips. Read the ingredients carefully to be sure you are getting what you want.

Use salmon treats for training or as a healthy reward. Again, watch your ingredients and read the label. Some treats are salmon cubes or bits that are dehydrated or freeze-dried. Others are flavored bits with only a small amount of salmon flavoring.

Uncooked salmon

Top your dog’s food with flakes of canned salmon. Canned salmon is a fine way to share fish with your dog. Open a can, flake some on your salad and some on your dog’s kibble. Canned salmon often includes the fish skin and bones. The calcium-rich bones are cooked and soft enough to be blended into the food. Cover and refrigerate any leftover salmon.

If your dog refuses the capsules, squeeze the oil from a capsule on your dog’s food. Salmon oil is available in capsules and in liquid form. You can also buy salmon oil in a squeeze bottle blended with other vitamins and nutrients. Squirt it directly on your dog’s food. Most supplements need refrigeration after the bottle is opened. Check the label for storage and precautions.

Also, the way in which you feed salmon to your dog is really up to you and MORE importantly, your dog. For example, we fed Bunk Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil and he really did not like it. We tried to mix it with his food and he refused to eat the food. I also hated the smell of salmon oil so really I was not upset to take it back to the store. Instead, we decided to try Nutro Salmon Dog Treats and he loves them. Ever since we started to give this to him, his coat has gotten significantly shinier and he does not itch at all like he used to before. We give him ½ a treat every morning right after breakfast and he gulps it right in. So again, consult your vet and your dog in figuring out what is the best way in which they would like to get salmon.

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