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Can dogs eat turkey?

Yes, dogs can eat turkey. In fact, there are many premium dog food blends that are made from turkey. Dogs can most definitely eat turkey, as a general rule. A lot of times premium dog food will be made with turkey so we are sure it is something that is edible for dogs!


When You Should Not Give Your Dog Turkey

It is not good to give dogs other products that come out of turkey except for the turkey meat. For example, turkey bones, turkey skin and turkey fat are not good for the dogs. Turkey bones, when cooked, can become soft and splinter. This can cause the dog that is eating the turkey to choke from the turkey bone that he was fed. It is also possible for the turkey to die from eating the turkey bone if the bone gets stuck in the dog’s neck or tears apart some parts of the dog’s internal organs. The turkey skin on the other hand is said to be too fatty for the dogs.

How to Feed Your Dog Turkey

As you boil or cook turkey for your dog, it is also important to watch out for the spices that are being used. Overall, any spices that contain garlic, added salt, and onion should not be used. While dogs should not eat onions at all, many dogs are allergic to garlic. Since there are many kinds of dogs out there that are allergic to unique ingredients, it is important to understand that spices should not be used while preparing the turkey for the dogs’ to eat. Spices contain many small ingredients that can harm the dog that is trying to eat the turkey.

Anytime dogs are fed people food, such as cooked turkey, it is important to make sure that they are eating it only as a small snack and not in large amounts. It should never be turned into his regular meal. Dogs can get pancreatitis if they are fed too much fatty people food all the time. This is a condition that can be serious for the dogs if it is not diagnosed quickly and treated for. Sometimes you will see only small, subtle signs of the pancreatitis and so it is always important to make sure you are avoiding feeding your dog too much fat!

Many people are proponents of a raw diet in dogs. It is said that raw turkey meat, bones, skin and everything else can be fed to your dog. In fact, raw turkey necks are meant to be good for keeping your dog’s teeth clean.

While we want to make our dogs a part of the family, please do not let your dog eat the thanksgiving turkey. There are so many ingredients in the turkey that we humans want to put in so that it is yummy for us. Some of these might be things that your dog is allergic to or even might die from. That being said, if you really do want to feed them some turkey you can feed them some parts raw or even boil a turkey breast without a bone and give it to them.

Always remember to talk to your vet before feeding your dog a large amount of any kind of new dog. It is also important to keep your dog’s size in mind while you feed them turkey since what kind and amount of food a pug can have differs vastly from the kind and amount of food that a pitbull can have.

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