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Can Dogs Eat Almonds? Why Dogs and Nuts Do Not Mix

NO, dogs cannot eat almonds. Can dogs eat almonds?

Why You Should Not Feed Your Dog Almonds

In theory dogs can eat almonds. In fact, these are better than most of the other nuts out there for them. That being said, just because you can eat something does not mean that you should. That is the case with almonds. Imagine almonds as the equivalent of hot cheetos quality of food for your dog. You might think that it is good for your dog’s health just because it is good for your help, but this is false. Please read this article to understand exactly why dogs cannot eat almonds and why you should keep them away from your dogs at all costs. Nuts in general are bad for your dogs. Some are bad because they are toxic. Others are bad for your dogs because they are filled with a lot of fat that is a terrible addition to your dog’s diet. The most toxic nut is the Macadamia nut. Nuts such as macadamia, pecans, hickory, and even walnuts can be extremely toxic to dogs and should be kept away. Just because some of the nuts are not listed here does not mean it is OK to feed them to your dogs. These just happen to be some of the most popular nuts that are terrible for your dogs.

Many nuts such as pistachios are also very high in fat content which will leave your dog with a terribly stomachache so those should be avoided as well.

Almonds, on the other hand, are not toxic but also contain a lot of fat so they should be given rarely if at all to your dogs. Too much fat at one time can overload the pancreas and lead to pancreatitis. It seems completely ridiculous to think that these small nuts that seem to be the size of an average dog treat are so harmful for your dog, but in reality they are.

Almonds contain the good fats, as well as protein, and can help with everything from lowering your cholesterol to building muscle. The dogs don’t really need any other supplementation aside from what they get in their dog food. This is why it is important to buy a high quality dog food so you don’t have to worry about adding things to your dog’s diet. The nutrients that are in almonds are very good for people, but dogs shouldn’t be eating almonds because they should avoid all nuts entirely.

The Dangers of Dogs Eating Almonds

Almonds likely won’t kill your dog, so you don’t have to panic if they accidentally get into a pack of them. However you can expect them to have a stomach ache if they raid your almonds stash. That is why you shouldn’t voluntarily give your dog almonds, or think that you need to in order for them to be healthier. When taking into account that you should not give your dogs nuts, you should also take extra precautions to ensure that your dog cannot get to the nuts him or herself. Make sure you have nuts sealed and away from edges of table and countertops so the canon be knocked over and accidentally spilled. Also if you do spill nuts on the floor, be sure you have got them all cleaned up and vacuum to make sure it is thorough.

The next time your at the store looking for dog food or a quick treat, make sure you have nuts checked off the list because dogs can not eat nuts and most nuts are an absolute no no for the well being of your beloved friend. Your dog does not need almonds, and they will not receive the same benefit from them as humans do from eating them. They will also have a tough time digesting them, so it is definitely not advised to give them almonds. As the owner, you might be making your job more difficult than it has to be. A dog has only a few basic necessities, a clean fresh supply of water, and a high quality dog food. Other than that, they pretty much run on autopilot, and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to give them the occasional treat. In this case on the not make a good choice for a treat. In conclusion, dogs cannot eat almonds not because they are poisonous but because there are better food options out there for them and because they are too fatty for a dog’s diet.

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  1. Frankie Furter and Ernie on

    We don’t think much of almonds so this is OK with us. Just sayin Bunk.

    So are you recovering from your SNOW related… freak out? That was a grrrreat post, by the way.

  2. My dog can’t eat meat at all right now. He can not digest anything acidic, including milk, with the exception of raw eggs. I have tried and watched him get terribly sick. I have given him almonds, as he needs the nutrients including the fat and they are mostly alkaline and this is successful. So, although I am glad for your article..I do not agree with it in our current circumstances.

  3. I have always given my dog almonds when I eat them or as a treat, I only give him 1 to 3, he’s never had any problems at all. I feel like a couple of almonds are much better for him than “kitty snacks” from the litter box.

    • This doesn’t have anything to do with almonds. But it does have to do with your dog using the kitty litter box as a snack box. I only have one thing to say about that………OMG. HOW GROSS. I mean seriously. What is the deal with that?? My dogs a yorkies and very expensive dogs and so we don’t let them out on there on their own. We have a very large deck that we have a door that goes straight out there. So we put in a doggy door and we put two litter boxes out there and put sand in them. We taught them to use the litter boxes which they do very well. The only problem is. We have a ver high priced$1200 cat that was able to get off the porch by jumping off the banister and to the steps on the other side. So. The cat instead of going downstairs to use there own litter boxes used theirs instead. And what to my surprise. The dog. Only one thank god started eating the cat snacks. I just don’t know what to do. If u know of anything I would love to hear it. U can reach me at [email protected]. Thanks so very much. Karen

  4. My dog chelsea somehow got into my backpack and grabbed a bag of yogurt covered almonds. poor things been puking up all am.
    Should this be a trip to the vet?


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