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Can Dogs Eat Pork Bones? – The Dangers of Bones and What You Need to Know

No, dogs cannot eat pork bones. It is highly dangerous for them and can cause vomiting and even death.

Dried pork bone

Why Your Dog Should Not Eat Pork Bones

Even though dogs love bones and are inseparable from them, research shows bones are not a dog’s best friends.

It is not a good idea for dogs to eat pork bones. Most all vets will tell you not to feed your dog cooked bones of pigs because they can splinter causing harm to their insides.

The best type of bone for a dog to eat is a raw bone and raw pork has a type of bacteria not found in any other animal.  This is how we can see that raw pork bone would be very unhealthy. The best type of bone for a dog to eat would be a raw beef bone.

But many stores are now selling pork bones, and dogs love them. Some people feel they are better, as they more resemble natural bones. A growing number of online complaints list all sorts of injuries that owners blame on these bones.

The Dangers in Giving Your Dog Pork Bones

Gene Balzer believed the packaging, which said the pork bones were good for his dog’s Bella and Reggie’s teeth. But then his dogs started getting sick, he said.

“It was actually in the vomit,” Balzer said. “There were little pieces of the bone in there. They were still sharp.”

The Dog Files experts say they found dozens of complaints from owners who spent thousands in vet bills, and even lost their dogs, after giving them pork bones. To add to that, x-rays show several images of where those pieces can end up lodged inside a dog’s body.

Can dogs eat pork bones

How Pork Bones Can Harm Your Dog

Dog Files put them to the test. It took just seconds to send a pork bone splintering into shards.

Emergency vet Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald sees these kinds of injuries on a weekly basis.

“I am an expert,” Dr. Fitzgerald said, “and in 30 years I’ve seen a lot of problems with this type of food. Many of these sharp ones can cause perforations or lacerations as they go through.”

He says brittle bones are among the most dangerous because of how dogs eat. “They’re gorging, they’re grabbing, they’re going to swallow things in one gulp,” he said.

The FDA investigated and recommended that processed and cooked bones never be given to dogs.

So why are these potentially dangerous bones still in stores?

We found the industry is largely self-regulated. The FDA requires pet food products be ‘pure and wholesome’ and ‘truthfully labeled.’

But these federal regulations apply only to the ingredients, not product safety.

It’s something pet owners like Balzer want changed. “I really want to get this out there so other people don’t feed their dogs pork bones,” Balzer said.

Pug after pork

Stores selling pork bones for dogs say they stand behind their products, and say they’re safe. But if you have any doubts about a product call your vet, before you give it to your pet.

Statistically, more dogs die from steak and pork bones than chicken bones. Of course, I am aware that many people feed these bones to their dogs frequently without problems but the vet says, if they worked at an animal hospital for any period of time, they would very quickly find out how dangerous this can be. They are not good for teeth, they injure teeth and any bone that splinters can do all sorts of problem.

Often life-threatening. For example, if you let that bone get stuck in the esophagus and you have a major problem that most vets are not equipped to handle. They can perforate any section of bowel and that can be major. They can pile up in the colon/rectum and those are really fun enemas!

In conclusion, dogs cannot eat pork bones safely. The raw ones have bacteria, and he cooked and factory-sealed ones will splinter. For the safety of your dogs, please do not feed the pork bones!

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  1. dino spearman and OtisDaPug on

    I just want to thank Bunk for putting this information out to all our beloved pet owners who want nothing more than to provide the utmost care for our pets and aid them to live a healthy and happy life.

  2. Frankie Furter and Ernie on

    Our mom has never allowed us to have much pork… except a bite or two of BACON… and NEVER EVER the bones… Raw or Cooked.. Now Pork or Chicken Bones fur us… ever. Grrrrreat post.

    Happy YAPPY New YEAR to YOU and your peeps.

  3. I just gave my pug a pork bone and then pulled it away after reading this comment I hope he will be ok ….what was I thinking ?

  4. I am a muslim, so I don’t feed my dog pork bones. Instead I use these pork bones to get stock for my soup.
    The mullah at the mosque likes my soup very much.

  5. Thank you for this great helpful information. I wanted to give my dogs some pork bones. Once I read this today I know I never will.

    • My furbaby cannot have beef, chicken, Turkey, eggs, oats, and much more. We have been giving him pork, at the vet’s advice, and he is much healthier. (Yes, he gets the bones, separate from his food ) Also many other articles disagree with this article
      ! Glad to see there are others who give pork bones without issue!

  6. My father just lost his dog on Christmas Eve because of a pork bone splintering after she ate it. We wish we would have known this before purchasing it. The bone splinters punctured her in numerous places. She was completely healthy one day and gone the next.

  7. I wish I had know about how pork bones being bad for dogs, I have just found out the hard way! My Mini Foxie Charlie just passed away on Sunday from eating pork bones. So so sad! We miss him terribly. Never give your dogs pork bones.

  8. My Heidi was happily chomping through a cooked pork short rib bone until 10 minutes ago, until my partner queried whether dogs can have such a thing. I had been told they could, but Googled his doubts. Thank goodness I did! Distracted doggie with proper treats & threw it out straight away. Please, please, please, DO NOT feed your doggies these bones.

  9. My little Chi was upstairs eating a pork bone that we decided to give him. I had a bad feeling ( he is so tiny at 5 lbs) after reading the post I traded him 2 treats for the bone and threw it away. I think he is fine; I inspected the bone and I don’t think he was able to break off a piece. Thanks for sharing your important message.

  10. I never knew that pork bones were dangerous to dogs until reading about the incident that killed Fred. I think these companies that are making money from the sale of these products should be brought to justice. We’re the only voice for our pets.

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