Do Pugs Shed?

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Do Pugs Shed? – How to Resolve the Pug Shedding Nightmare

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Do pugs shed?

Pug Shedding 101

“Pugs shed a lot”, say most pug owners. This is something that I heard from many pug owners before I became a pug owner myself. If there was one piece of information that has been truer than ever, this is it. In fact, pugs shed more than a lot. They shed tons. If you read or hear anything to the contrary, you’re either getting misinformation, or the input of someone whose Pug is a rare exception to the norm. If you get a Pug, you’ll have fur all over the place- on every piece of furniture, on all your clothes and in your car. You don’t even have to put your Pug in the car, the fur will just be there…and everywhere else.

I take my pug to a pug meet-up every month and leave it looking like a pug myself. For about 2 weeks, I let the pug on my bed and ended up looking like a pug-junkie. I was covered with pug hair and so were my white sheets. It is incredible how much of my black pug hair I had to remove from my white sheets. We used up half of a lint remover JUST cleaning the bed. We then decided the pug does not go on the bed but are not sure how long this will work (since we love him so much) and how effective this will be (since he knows how to climb the bed).

There is a myth in the pug world that fawn pugs shed more than black pugs. This is believed to be true because fawn pugs have a double coat (One layer makes up the Pug’s top coat but there is also another shorter layer underneath) while black pugs only have one coat. It makes sense that pugs with a single coat would shed less. At the same time, I do not believe this is always true. My black pug puppy did not seem to shed much when we first got him (in the summer). It is now autumn/almost winter and he has been shedding all day, every day without any breaks. Wherever he goes, there is a mass of pug hair. Therefore, although people tend to say that one way to control a pug’s shedding is by getting a black pug, I think that is NOT true given out experience with our little pug. While doing my extensive research on pugs, I have come to the realization that how much does a pug shed really depends on the pug that you are talking about.

While there is no way to prevent a pug from shedding, there are a couple of often-tried methods to control the excessive shedding of pugs.

Brushing your pug

There seems to be only one sure-fire way to control your Pug’s shedding and that is by brushing your Pug every day. A few strokes a day will help, but won’t really accomplish much. That’s why you’ve got to dedicate a chunk of time to brushing your Pug, starting with the head and ending with the tip of its tail. You’ve got to brush the hair on both sides and you’ve also got to get your Pug to roll over so you can brush the hair on its belly.

You might find that a brushing mitt works well on your Pug. The Kong Zoom Groom has a very good reputation for being a great brush to use while brushing your pet.

After brushing your Pug, you’ll always be covered in Pug hair so have a lint brush handy. And not only will you be covered with Pug hair, everything else in your home will be, too! It’ll be on floors and upholstered furniture and tucked in every corner. That’s why, besides regular grooming, you’ll need to get into the habit of vacuuming your house (and probably your car, too!) every day.

You can learn a great deal about maintaining the beautiful pug coat by using a brush by reading out article dedicated to maintaining the pug coat.

Fortunately, the Pug is one of the more sociable dog breeds and there aren’t many Pugs that will object to all the attention that comes along with a daily brushing routine. If you want to love a Pug, you’ve got to love all the hair that’s part of this package deal!

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  1. hiya im looking for a pug for my birthday and ive just got a new sister !:D does a white pug shed more?xx

    • Not sure about that because white pugs are pretty rare. Fawn pugs (most common) shed more because they have two coats, whereas black pugs only have one. I would ask the breeder about that one.

  2. Anthony Jordan on

    Hi i have two pugs named bobo and dokado i just love them with all my heart i have had them every sense thay were babys 6 weeks old . I have to say when something every happens to these little guys i will never have anymore pugs and i hate that but thay just shed way to bad and i have some health issues one being allergies real bad . And i would like to say to those of you that does not care about the shedding you are just going to love the pug he is so happy go type of dog and so smart good luck with keeping up with the hair

  3. HI,
    I lost my 1st pug when he was about 16yrs old(human years) I now have 2 pugs that My wife and I
    rescued from abusive homes. I cnanot understand why ANYONE would ever want to hurt a pug.
    My female just had her 17th birthday this september yes! I have had her for over 17 human years
    now,she has some cateracts(but can still see) goes up and down stairs and is just as lively as she
    was 10 yrs ago. I have had my male about 10yrs. now he was badly beaten and very udernourished
    but with lots of tlc he has grown to love me and I him,now he has developed diabetes and can no
    longer see anymore but his tail still wags ane even though I have to carry him down stairs now and
    give him insuin twice a day,IWILL NEVER GIVE UP ON HIM AND I LOVE HIM NOW JUST AS MUCH AS WHEN HE COULD SEE. pugs are the most loving dogs you can own. My female is
    happiest when she is just sitting on my lap. she will scratch untill i pick her up.
    ken jacoby a lover of pugs.

    • It is hard to imagine why anyone in his right mind would do anything other than worship the ground pugs poop on.

  4. First time Pug Owner on

    I am a first time Pug owner. I got him at a rescue and he is a joy. I didn’t know about the shedding but now I do. He sheds every minute of every day. He has a beautiful very thick double coat. After reading many articles and posts about how to control Pug shedding I have come to the conclusion that first I have to embrace the shedding from my little friend and second brush him more often as well as take him to the groomer more often. I am not sure about the Furminator shampoo and conditioner so I will ask my vet to make sure it is safe for him. Originally I was concerned that he might have a health problem because of the huge loss of hair but now I know it is normal and just one more interesting thing about owning a Pug.

    • We give Bunk fish oil every morning (which is supposed to help with shedding) take him to Pet Smart for Furminator once every month or so. I know fawns shed more because they have two coats, but I suggest trying it once.
      FYI you will never view life the same way now that you own a pug 😉

  5. I have a pug-weenie….half pug half daschund…..and she sheds like crazy…..small reddish colored hair gets all over you….so even half a pug is bad with shedding. How much does Pets Mart charge for Furminator?