Pug Cleanliness

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Pug Problems: Pug Cleanliness

The problem

Usually dogs like water. Pugs definitely are supposed to like water but I think that it is really different from pug to pug. You see, pugs are more than just a breed.  Even though they are all pugs, each and every one of them has their own unique characteristics that make them a special pug. My pug does not like water. He is also a puppy so I am not sure if he will someday just get used to it.

The solution

When bathing your Pug, be careful not get water in his ears, since this can cause ear infections. Also, make sure that you keep the shampoo away from his big sensitive eyes.

Also, don’t forget to make the bathing experience fun for both you and your Pug. Take your time and let him play some if he wants to. Or if he gets eager to get out of the tub, try to finish up quickly and send him on his way. Make sure you rinse your pup thoroughly as residual soap can start the allergy and itching process going.

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