Pug Coat

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Pug Problems: Pug coat

Pug Coat

The Problem:

Pugs need to have their pug coat brushed out for two different reasons. Firstly, we talked about them being curious explorers meaning that they get their faces into many different places. They also have a habit if crawling or crashing into places that might make their silky pug coat dusty/dirty looking. Secondly, pugs shed a lot. In fact, they shed more than a lot. They shed TONS[i]. Our vet said that our puppy pug would possible shed about two times a year. That was not true because even though he shed more heavily at the beginning of summer and the beginning of fall, he was still shedding throughout the year. If you wish to keep your carpet, car and body clean off of the fawn and black pug hair, you should take care of a pug coat.

Note: Pugs will shed MORE heavily during the spring than the rest of the year. It is rumored that pugs shed more during 2 times of the year, one being April and the other being July. This has not been true for my black pug but again my guy is a puppy still and we have owned him for only 2 months so who knows maybe he will shed more heavily at other times of the year.

It is also rumored that black pugs shed more than their fawn counterparts[ii]. This is really surprising for me because research tells me that black pugs have a single pug coat while fawn pugs have 2 coats. It would make sense then for black pugs to shed more than fawn pugs. You can look for a single coat fawn pug, but since it requires that a black and fawn pug mix, a lot of breeders frown upon it, because it results in a “smudgy” fawn pug[iii].

The Solutions

You should brush out your pug coat at least 2 times every week to keep him or her looking as gorgeous as ever! A lot of people might want to brush the pug hair every day to make sure that there is not a huge accumulation of hair in the house. Most pugs like being brushed so they should not be as irritated as they are with nail clipping and fold cleaning. We were recommended to use Kong Zoom Groom and it has been working really well for out pug.

If you want to avoid a lot of shedding on the carpet you have two options while brushing your pug. You can do it indoors by putting a puppy training pad on the carpet and holding your pug down to make sure that he or she does not move away from the carpet. Again, pugs love to be brushed so usually they should be able to stay there without you having to “hold them down”. Your second option is to take them outside and brush them there. Brushing is most effective when you brush to the opposite direction of the hair growth. Make sure to use a soft bristled brush to avoid injury your best friend.

It is said that using a particular kind of shampoo can help stop the pug from shedding too much. I will not recommend a certain kind since we have not tested any yet, but I am sure you can read on the labels of items available in the store to see what best fits your needs. My thoughts on this are that animals have a certain time of the year they shed more to get rid of their old coat and get a newer, nicer, shiner coat. That is the cost we pay for owning little, adorable pugs and I am willing to pay it.

Research tells me that Roomba[iv] is the best vacuum for collecting pug hair and any other pet hair for that matter. They have special suction that really does the job. We have a Hoover and that is working fine for us but again our pug does not shed much.

One last note on caring for your pug coat: please, NEVER use human shampoo or conditioner on pugs or any other dogs. Our shampoo has a lot of different chemicals in them (does not matter allegedly how natural they are) and a lot of these ingredients are not good at all for our canine health or pug coat. The last thing you would want is to rush your darling pug to the hospital because he was allergic to some ingredient in the human shampoo. Don’t do it.


[i] http://www.pugpros.org/pugfacts.html

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