Pug Health Problems

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Pug Health Problems – The Dangers of Owning a Pug

Pug Problems

They have bulging eyes. They have wrinkly faces. They have more warmth than anyone we know and they are our best friends. They are our PUGS.

Every pug owner knows that once you have a pug you need nothing more in our life. And every pug owner knows about pug problems. You want to spend all your time playing with him and he wants to spend all his time staring at you with his tongue out. Given that our wrinkly friends are so important to us, it is crucial that we take very good care of their health. Pugs are prone to have more problems than other dogs because of the same reasons that make them adorable and irresistible. Pugs require a fair amount of consistent and ongoing care. In this series of articles, I will highlight some health issues that pugs have and how we should be caring for them. Pugs will always have some problems, but with enough love and care we can ensure he or she leads a long and fulfilling life.

Our pugs LOVE to eat. I am yet to meet a pug that does not like to eat. That being said, pugs also are really good at gaining a bunch of weight, as they love to eat. While we all love to see the pictures of cute, obese pugs because they look so warm and squishy, it is very harmful for their health to get fat.

Pug Coats

Among other pug problems, pugs need to have their coat brushed out for two different reasons. Firstly, we talked about them being curious explorers meaning that they get their faces into many different places. They also have a habit if crawling or crashing into places that might make their silky coat dusty/dirty looking. Secondly, pugs shed a lot. In fact, they shed more than a lot. They shed TONS. Our vet said that our puppy pug would possible shed about two times a year. That was not true because even though he shed more heavily at the beginning of summer and the beginning of fall, he was still shedding throughout the year. If you wish to keep your carpet, car and body clean off of the fawn and black pug hair, you should take care of a pug coat.

Pug Cleanliness

Usually dogs like water. Pugs definitely are supposed to like water but I think that it is really different from pug to pug. You see, pugs are more than just a breed.  Even though they are all pugs, each and every one of them has their own unique characteristics that make them a special pug. My pug does not like water. He is also a puppy so I am not sure if he will someday just get used to it.

Pug Ears

Pug’s cute little fold-over ears make a great hiding place for dirt, grime, and who knows what else. Pugs can easily get ear infections due to their narrow ear canals, so it is very important to keep your Pug’s ears nice, dry and clean. The one thing you don’t want to have inside your Pug’s ears is an ear infection. Infections hurt and itch, and your Pug may be scratching and rubbing to alleviate the discomfort. If it’s really bad, he scratches them so hard that they bleed! You certainly don’t want your Pug to suffer when you can easily take care of the problem with regular cleaning.

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  1. My pug is 8 years old and had a hot spot on the top of her back foot, she is constantly licking in, i have used Vetericyn on it but nothing seems to help. What should i do’

    • I too have a similar issue. My 9 yr old pug is licking both front legs till they are raw. I started wrapping them yesterday w/ ace bandages so she will leave it alone. I also went to petstore and got allergy free food since many have suggested it could be her food though nothing has changed. They also sold me a Burts Bees soothing spary for itching since she is always itchy anyway, that’s nothing new. I am so stressed over this, not sure what to do. Vet is closed for the weekend and i do not want a large vet bill just to be told she is allergic, here some meds.

    • My sixteen year old pug started to do this and we realized it was the grass! She was allergic to grass so what we did is after her outside time I would mix a small amount of zymox enzymatic rinse with warmish water and we would dunk her feet in this solution and then dry them off. We also started noticing during the harsh winters we were having her nose and paws and basically entire body would be dry and itchy so we got some pets rock strawberry yogurt conditioner (you can leave it in their coat) and mixed some in a small spray bottle and we would spray her a little and work it into her skin and we also used cain and abels paw and nose rub invested in some no skid socks and we would rub her feet down with this salve and put the socks on her-she loved them she even slept with them on and she liked she could navigate the hard wood floors without slipping and they kept her feet warm. Hope this helps someone out there.

  2. maureenroseeveratt on

    We all have to get on board and speak up for the vulnerable who cannot speak for themselves.
    My pug has breathing problems that can not be helped with surgery, chronic ear infections because the ear canals are too small, and just had surgery to remove a cancer tumor. Sadly nothing can be done. So he will die at the age of five.

    We have to stand-up to the Kennel Clubs and breeders and restore the Pug to it’s natural look before the tail was curled and face flattened. We need to bring the standards for this breed back to what it was before the 1900s when the gene manipulations took place. This also means, neutering and spading all dogs who carry the cancer gene.

    Who is with me on restoring the pug to health?
    Maureen Rose

  3. My sister’s pug was overweight. She was feeding her only 1/3 of a cup twice a day. The poor baby was hungry and still fat. I convinced my sister to make her own dog food. I have been making my own dog food for years. She was afraid her pug would gain even more weight. But she decided to give it a try after her pug got sick on rancid $26.00 dog food. After 3 months her pug has lost 6 lbs. She is eating 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup at night. She looks terrific and seems happier. I say because she isn’t starving to death.

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