Pug Facts and Information

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Pug Facts and Information

They are known as the “Little Clowns of the Dog World”. They rate 5th amongst the popular toy breeds. They repeatedly do things to get a laugh. They are your pug. They are your best friends. This article is meant to help you know your pug friend inside out (literally….)!

Pug Physical Characteristics 

The pug is “a lot of dog in a small body”. Pug’s bull-like stance and serious looking face hide the fact that this is a very friendly breed that enjoys playing and being played with. According to the AKC, pugs are decidedly square and cobby with compact, stout bodies having well decided proportions and a developed muscle structure. The Pug’s muzzle should be short, blunt and square. Their bodies should be short and cobby with a wide chest. They should have a good ribspring and be well muscled. Their legs strong, straight and of moderate length. Declaws are usually removed. The hindquarters should be strong and powerful with a moderate bend of stifle and short hocks which are perpendicular to the ground.

Pug Limitations 

There are a lot of ways in which the pug is limited because of his physical characteristics. For example, pugs have short noses, which means that they are prone to having some breathing problems. This also means that they cannot go on long runs or even walks on hot and humid summer days. This is why during the months of summer, it is best to only take your pug on short walks. When you take them on walks, make sure to take some water with you as well. Do not make your pug walk on asphalt. They should only be walking on grass and be in cooler, shaded areas. Certain trails might be good for this given that hiking areas are usually shaded with trees. You can also buy them a cooling collar to keep them from being overheated.

Pug Temperament 

A pug’s aim is to look extremely cute for their whole lives. This is so that they can get as much food as possible for their entire lives. They are not aggressive at all. In fact, they are some of the most people-friendly dogs you will ever meet. A pug craves attention. Your pug will be your shadow. He or she will not leave you alone for a second when they are out of their crate. The pug’s logic behind this is that getting attention equals getting food. They like your attention most of the time and they will do sometimes very strange and funny looking things to get your attention. Some say pugs are little clowns, they show off to make you laugh and love them even more.

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