Pug Nails

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Pug Problems: Taking Care of Pug Nails

Black Pug Claws at Human

Pug nails grow really fast. This means that they are able to scratch you till you are red as they love to touch you and show you that they love you. Pugs love humans and want nothing more than attention. This is why they will try to leap at your every time they see you. This can be a problem if your pug has long nails. Your pug will also be uncomfortable if you do not clip their nails regularly. This is because long nails can cause the pug not to want to stand on its legs properly, which will eventually cause breaking of the nails or bleeding of the toes. This can cause long-term discomfort during walking.

The solution:

You can either learn how to clip the pug nails yourself or you can take care of your pug by taking it to a groomer. Either way, you will want to get your pug’s nails clipped at least once every two weeks. If you decide to do this yourself, the best time to do it will be when your pug is at home on your lap or fast asleep. He or she might wake up but probably will not be motivated to put in a fight. Now if you have a pug puppy it is probably for the best that you take them to the groomers. If you do it yourself, keep styptic powder in case you cut to far and clip the vein and a Q-Tip to apply it. To avoid cutting too far, simply cut the curved part of the nail only and make sure the clipper of the nails is someone in your house who has a steady hand. At times you should also be grinding your pug nails with a nail grinder. We are too scared to do this at home, given that our pug is one frantic soul but you can try to do it at home if you have a calmer pug. We take them to PetSmart instead but you ca also buy a nail grinder.

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