Pug Teeth

Pug Problems: Taking Care of Pug Teeth

A look inside the mouth of a pug puppy.

Pug Teeth

The problem:

Your pug loves to eat. Everything.

The solution:

You can do a couple of simple things to make sure that the pug teeth are clean and shinny. We feed our pug GREENIES every night to make sure that his teeth are free of tartar and that his breathe smells fresh. A lot of people also give their pugs nylobones. Nylobones have different shapes and bristles that clean the pug teeth. They also have treats like bull sticks that are meant to clean the pug teeth. Even though that helps it is important to make sure that you are regularly brushing that pug teeth in order to keep their smiles beautiful as ever. There are a couple of different ways in which you can brush that pug teeth. Firstly, you can buy a dog toothbrush (NOT the same as human tooth brush) and run it through his canine tooth. Secondly, if your pug does not like to have his teeth “brushed” then you can apply some DOG toothpaste on your finger and run them through his or her teeth. Pugs love to chew on human fingers and as they chew on your fingers you can make sure that their dentals get cleaned. Don’t worry if they try to bite your fingers. These little fellows are harmless. They think they are tough but they are not.

Pugs.com describe pug mouths perfectly. They said, “Pug mouths tend to have a lot of teeth in a small space and they are crowded and crooked. It is hard to visualize the teeth, let alone brush them but you should try and do your best.”

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