Broccoli Dog Treat Recipe


– 1 pound lean meat (chicken or turkey)
– 2 cups brown rice
– 1 cup carrots
– ½ cup of chicken stock
– ¼ pound broccoli

– After steaming the vegetables, you want to add all of it including the cooked rice into a food processor.
– Mix in the chicken stock.
– Add bite-size pieces of which ever lean meat you decide to use.
– Let it cool.
– Serve.

This is a fairly easy recipe that makes use of broccoli. Your dog will be sure to love it. Again, giving it to your dog is acceptable just as long as it’s in moderation.

There’s a lot of argument whether dogs do or don’t need vegetables in their diet. Some people say they do, and some people say they don’t. Some people believe that dogs are carnivores and cannot eat anything else but meat. I don’t believe this is true because my dog is able to eat carrots without dying and so it is possible for dogs to eat other food. Dogs are omnivores and can manage to eat fruits, vegetables and meat just as well as each other.

Dog eating broccoli

The bigger question is, does your dog really NEED the food item that you are feeding them. Human food should never be fed to a dog as something more than a snack because really, it is not a staple for your dog and he needs to be able to get the nutrients available in the dog food.


  1. Frankie and Ernie on

    WE Love Veggies and Fruit…. We go into the garden and Pick our own…. and we get RAW carrots EVERY night.

  2. Veggies taste amazing. Just don’t eat your human’s houseplants – which are not the same as veggies (I just learned this last night after I knocked over and tried to eat one of my Dad’s plants).


  3. My dogs love vegetables! Well, they everything edible…and many things that aren’t truth be told! BOL!

    You’re right though in that dogs are omnivores. You can see wild (feral?) dogs will scavenge whatever they can find, and even wild canines will eat berries and fruits and things they find, as well as the (look away if squeamish) stomach contents of herbivores they hunt. I’ve regularly read they need or at least regularly seek out vegetable matter 🙂

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