Flexi Leash Review


Flexi Leash Review

Bunk Flexi leash

Bunk has always had a problem with walking. He LOVES to sniff and thus we are always getting pulled along with him when he is trying to force his way to that special flower with the most beautiful smell that only his stout nose can sniff. We have a big lease for him but sometimes it is hard to pull him back by wrapping the entire leash around our hands. Either way, we have been making it happen with our 6-feet leash for the last 7 months.

Given the background, you can imagine how excited I was when Flexi Leash offered a leash for Bunk to sample and review. Not only would this leash solve our problem perhaps but it was also quite good-looking! I immediately went on their website to check out my options.

Before we offer our review, here is an overview of the product from PetSmart: The Flexi-Leash provides you with safe control of your dog at all times, yet gives him freedom. It expands and retracts with the dog’s movement. Features an instant brake control activated by a flick of your finger. Great for training puppies, gun dogs, or giving security to blind or deaf dogs. Won’t tangle or drag on the ground.

The Flexi USA website lets you design your own leash. We chose the SMALL 16 feet cord leash for Bunk, given that he is only 17 pounds. This leash is suitable for dogs under 26 pounds. They also have biggest leashes: a MEDIUM 16 feet cord leash for dogs under 44 pounds and a LARGE 16 feet tape leash for dogs up to 110 pounds.

We were able to design our own leash “skins” on the website which seemed like a pretty easy process at first but took me an entire 45 minutes to do. It  might have been some problem with my pictures because EVERY picture (and we have more than 5,000 of Bunk!) I uploaded was said to be “low quality” meaning it was not high-resolution and would not turn out well when expanded for the actual product. After a lot of searching, I settled for a pug-skin that they had on their site and used that for Bunk’s leash. I was able to add the words Bunk The Pug on both sides and WALA my beautiful leash was designed. They don’t have many designs on their website YET  but you can at least find at least one skin of each kind of dog and those are fun. If you have a high-resolution picture, you can also add your own!

Anyways, the rest of the experience was a piece of cake. The checkout process was easy and Bunk’s leash arrived in a well-packaged box in about 3-4 business days. I was AMAZED at how fast Flexi USA was able to deliver our leash to us!

I was a little lazy and waited to try it until we went to Pugs in the Park last weekend. I kept telling myself I was “looking for the right opportunity”. It was a great experience. We did not use the collar they gave us (Bunk has a really small neck and it was a little big on him) and instead used our regular collar. We were able to fasten the Flexi Leash to Bunk’s harness and off we went. Pugs in the Park was a great opportunity for us to see the greatness of this leash because it is one of those times when I want

Flexi Leash

Bunk to freely play with the other dogs but I am too scared that he is too silly to remember us and will run away into the woods. It was great because he walked around with the leash on and was able to enjoy playing “freely” without dragging all of us with him.

When we wanted to pull Bunk back all I had to do was lock the leash down, pull a bit and as Bunk kept telling closer, the leash would pull in the slack. It works JUST like a measuring tape except it’s a dog leash! If you want to let your dog have a “fixed” amount of space, you can give them the space appropriate and then “lock” down the leash in place with ease.

Despite this product being great, we had two concerns. The first one was that there were many people, including children, at the park and it seemed like the leash could turn into a tripping hazard if we were not careful. This could just have been Bunk because he is silly and walks in circles so it is easier for him to get wrapped around everything (including us!).

The second concern was about the durability of the leash. While the leash has been holding up EXTREMELY WELL so far, I am a little concerned about the thin wire rod because it looks like it could snap easily. Again, it has not so I don’t know for sure. We do know that we will be using the leash sparingly, only on long walks around our complex and not necessarily around lots of people, dogs, and in parks.

In conclusion, this is a GREAT leash for long walks because it provides so much more space and freedom to your dog. Bunk looks very fashionable in his pug-designed leash and we thank Flexi USA for their EXCELLENT customer-service and user-friendly website.

While we love out leash and will be using it on a regular basis, we think this leash is not for everyone.  Because of the flexible nature of the leash, some dogs feel as though they aren’t actually on a leash, and as a result, can be difficult to control. So in these cases it can actually have the opposite effect and give less control than a normal leash.

HOWEVER, if your dog is well trained and behaves well on a leash, you shouldn’t have this problem. The flexi-leash will give your dog a lot more freedom, and can extend up to 16 feet. This is great for situations where you want the dog to be able run around and enjoy himself, without taking him off the leash and losing control completely.

When fully extended, it is not a good idea to use it in areas where there are lots of people.  A 16 ft leash can be quite a dangerous tripping hazard.  However, for a trip to the beach or a walk in a quiet park, this leash is ideal.

Overall: Bunk the Pug and I give this leash a 4.00/5.00. Great leash for free, long walks with minor concerns of tripping (for us silly humans!) and durability.


  1. Thank you for the great review. I totally love that you can design your own skins. Mum has been looking for a retractable leash for me, but in my weight (15 lbs) they seem to only get as long as 10 feet. I don’t pull on my leash, but I do like to lag behind and smell the flowers, and the trees, and the grass, and driveways………

  2. Retractable leashes do get a bad rap but I have used them for over twenty years with great results. I walk up to three dogs at one time and I think it’s easier to keep the leashes untangled also it is easy to lock down one leash at a time if one dog is going his own way. You do have to be careful not to let the leash get wrapped around your legs or another dog, tree, etc.

  3. Great review Bunk my love! I have a Flexi leash, but we really only use it for going potty (no fence here) and when we stop at rest stops while traveling. When my mom was walking my brother he saw a squirrel and dashed around mom’s ankle and the leash left a big burn so I’m the only one that uses the leash
    Dachshund Nola

  4. Great review! I love that you can personalize it. We have never tried a leash like this, but maybe we will give a try.

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Never use the retractable leash as a tie down, as any dog that likes to chew can and will bite right through it. Oops! No more leash.

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