KONG Puppy Toy for Beginning Chewers


KONG Puppy Toy for Beginning Chewers


Bunk the Pug Chewing on a kong toy

Bunk: “Take that Mr. Kong!”


Bunk loves his Mr.Kong! The Kong is round and the smallest part of him fits right into my baby pug’s mouth. Bunk’s favorite part about the kong is that it is always full of surprises! Sometimes we stuff the kong with peanut butter (YUM!) and sometimes we will stick a big dog biscuit in it for him. This can work wonders and keep Bunk occupied for hours, even after the peanut butter is gone. Once the Kong smells like peanut butter, Bunk will sniff and snort at it till he is positive that he has gotten all of the treat out.

There are many things that you can use to stuff the Kong. There are treats that Kong makes that are used to stuff Kongs. I have found that my black puppy pug of 7 months, Bunk, really does not care WHAT I put in the Kong. Here are some of his favorite Kong stuffing recipes that we have tried. There have worked wonders every single time:

  1. Peanut butter mixed with a little marshmallow cream.
  2. A small apple slice covered in peanut butter, then covered in crushed ginger snaps.
  3. A can of pure mashed pumpkin with some wheat cereal.
  4. Apple pieces mixed with some plain yogurt and peanut butter.
  5. Carrot wrapped in peanut butter.
  6. Pumpkin and plain yogurt mixed together, stir in lightly steamed sweet potato cubes; seal the small hole with a bit of cheese, fill and freeze.
  7. Homemade peanut butter dog cookies, broken into chunks, mixed together with pumpkin, ginger and cinnamon, fill and freeze the Kong.

The Kong treats work the best when stuffed into the Kong and frozen overnight. You can use them as a nice fall hike treat or simply the treat that gets your dog into his kennel. If you are like me and work about 12 hours a day and the dog stays home by himself, you might consider stuffing the kong in the morning and leaving your buddy with it. I leave Bunk with it in the morning, only to come back in the evening and see him still working on the Kong. If a toy can keep a puppy busy for 12 hours and sometimes more, then there is something to really be said about its great functions.

The Kong also has an unpredictable bounce to it as an added function. Sometimes Bunk will stand up on the couch, throw the Kong down and bounce after it to fetch it himself when I am too busy to play with him.

The Kong manufacturers website has a size match function where you can enter your dogs breed and it will suggest the appropriate sized Kong. The manufacturers suggest sizing up and/or getting the black Kong if your dog is a known aggressive chewer. But don’t size up too much because you want the dog to be able to enjoy it without eating up the entire Kong. Kongs come in sizes from Small to XX-Large and in Red, Blue, Black, Dental and Puppy varieties. Choose the best size for your dog.

If your puppy is teething and it is a nightmare for you because he or she keeps chewing up everything they can, the Kong is the right toy for you!

You can find yourself a Kong that suits your pets needs at any pet supply store. Here are a couple of suggested places to buy them:


  1. Oh Bunk, Kong needs to use your photo in their ad campaigns! You are sooo adorable. And black and shiny…
    I can’t believe all the good stuffs that your humans stuff it with. No wonder you love them.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

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