Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Dog Treats Review


Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Dog Treats Review

Pug looking up at treat

Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats
are so yummy smelling that as a human I have been tempted more than once to eat one even though they are obviously made for our canine friends. If a company can tempt a human being as much as they can tempt a dog with their treats, that must tell you something about them (and me, I guess).

Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats treats are usually used at a training reward. They can be broken up into smaller pieces. If we are doing training, I like to break this treat up into about four pieces. While training your dog, you don’t want them to be fed excessively and this does the trick of luring them with a small but very strong and yummy smelling treat. Also, Bunk the pug can smell them from across the room and is alert and concentrating when he needs to get that treat. The minute Bunk smell’s Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats he is already in his sit position. If I hold it in my hand for more than three seconds, he is tempted to show me a perfect down and stay as well. This is also a great blueberry snack to give to him as a reward for going into his crate. They are high in fiber, so it is a good mid-day snack. Given that the ingredients in Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats are good and wholesome, I think this is an awesome treat for canine owners who are looking to improve or maintain their paw-friend’s weight and coat. Given that they are small, you can give them multiple times a day as well as small rewards.

Natural Choice Crunchy Treat are made with wholesome ingredients like real apple, whole brown rice and oatmeal.  It also contains natural ingredients fortified with vitamins and minerals. It does not have any wheat, wheat gluten, corn gluten or corn. This is why Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats would be an excellent treat for dogs with allergies or health problems. It works well for senior dogs with diabetes as well. It seems like Nutro takes their nutrition seriously.

Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats treats are said to reduce tartar and plaque build up. A lot of the products that Bunk uses say they really do this but we rely on Greenies and toothpaste  to really take care of Bunk’s teeth and have not been relying on his training treats to do that. This is why, I am not sure if these treats really keep your pug puppy or other canine friend’s teeth clean. They have a crunchy exterior, which is usually supposed to help keep a dog’s teeth clean. They do however keep them smelling nice and yummy, just like blueberries!  Now, which dog does not like fruit and berries?

One special advantage for the dog human is that you can break Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats into smaller pieces using your own hand and feed them to your dog without your hand smelling like a ton of dog food.

One con of these treats is this given that they are so crunchy, when your dog eats it they break into pieces. If you have a house like ours with carpeting all over, you want to make sure you watch your dog to ensure that they have eaten up the entire treat and crumbs are not remaining on the floor. This is not a huge deal for us though because Bunk the Pug likes these enough for us to be able to just point at the general direction of where we think the crumbs are and for him to sniff and eat them all up!

Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats come in convenient, re-sealable packets that help maintain the freshness of the product.

Five paws up for these delicious and tasty treats!

Depending on your choice of price and preference of method of delivery, you can find Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats in a variety of stores. We buy ours mostly from Amazon because of the quick shipping policy.


  1. I love those treats!! They are yummy!! I get half of one whenever I come inside from the yard when mom calls me!

    • That’s good to hear! Some good stuff. Have you guys tried the apple or the carrot ones? Those are great too! The smell is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

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