October PawPack Review


IMG_3518My October PawPack came filled with many kinds of goodies. 


My greedy pug eyes could hardly control myself. I could smell the Whole Life Freeze-Dried Pure Beef Livers as soon as the box was opened. I was also taken aback by the variety of items included in this order. Honestly, I usually like the orders that have more treats than toys but I can see how the toys will be helpful. My mama calls me Pit-Pug because I destroy all the toys I get. It’s nice then to have a constant order of toys coming my way every month. This way, I always have new toys at hand and my mama can see from a wide range of things which toys can stand my wrath. 


There were a couple of toys, all of them made with materials like felt. My mama liked these toys more than the cloth kind because she feels I will have a harder time chewing through them. I’ll let you know how long they last me. 

IMG_3530 IMG_3540 IMG_3544

One of my favorite treats from this PawPack was the braided bully stick. These things get stinky way too soon and my humans stopped getting them for me back when I was a puppyIMG_3548 IMG_3549

When this one came with my PawPack, I cried and begged for my mama to let me have it and she let me. In fact, I was able to devour this amazing treat for a good half an hour with no interruptions. IMG_3551 IMG_3552

It was like paradise. 

IMG_3553 IMG_3554

Basically, PawPack made it possible for me to eat something that I have not been allowed to eat in a really long time. I love it when they send me treats like this- the size is perfect (it’s a single so I can have as much as I want and throw away the rest) and so is the taste!


I also really enjoyed the Bistro Stix because they’re longer than the usual treat and crunchy. These are meant to be fetching dog treats. You KNOW I don’t fetch anything unless it’s a pile of poop something delicious and this was an amazing thing to fetch. They are made from grass-fed beef livers and flaxseed. It is really great for my skin, coat and heart! IMG_3566 IMG_3569 IMG_3572Thanks again, PawPack for sending me a montly installment of amazing treats. I love your timely shipping, fresh goodies and amazing innovative minds. How do you always know what my little pug heart desires?  My mama says it’s not too hard to read my mind, but I disagree! 

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