PawPack- Review & Giveaway!


Something for the summer

It’s summer time and my walks have been shorter than ever. I find myself panting more and more, which scares mama and makes her want to keep me at the house so that I don’t turn into a Tennessee fried pug.

This all brings me to today, when I was laying around the house sunbathing and thinking about my life. It was late in the afternoon when I heard the crazy UPS man! If you know anything about me, you know how I feel about the UPS man. That truck drives me crazy! Unless, of course, he brings a gift for me!

A PawPack just for me

Mama greeted him and took a packet from his hand. Of course, I thought it was one of those useless bags she keeps buying…. but then, she called my name. As soon as I walked over, I saw a turquoise box that said PawPack. It smelled so good! I could not wait till mama opened it. It was like Christmas!



I went to the floor and waited for her to bring the box over to me. I could not believe my eyes. I’ve tried some competitors boxes as well but I could already tell that PawPack would be different. This box was PACKED with lots of carefully selected items. It was heavy and I could SMELL the quality.


It’s amazing all the things I got. I appreciate my friends at PawPack for thinking about what made most sense for this time of the year- for example, a water bottle for the excruciating heat and numerous soaps and sprays for when get I get water, drool, mud, etc on me and need a quick shower.

I was impressed by the items that the humans at PawPack had put in it for me. I could tell that they really took into account the different items that one would need to maintain a great quality pug life.


PawPack gives me the things I love

You might remember from my previous review, I already love True Chews. I felt like PawPack read my mind and knew that I had run out of them. They sent these to me in my pack for this month. These thick cut jerky treats are long-lasting and can be a great distraction and reward. My mama sometimes cuts them up in smaller pieces to ensure that I can get the most out of the experience. Otherwise, I may eat the entire thing at the same time and forget I even tried it.

So delicious! I am sure my eyes tell the story better than my words.


I also really liked my surprise treat, Cloud Star Soft and Chewy Buddy Biscuits. They were soft-enough to break into four pieces but also small enough to have a whole one! They’re thick and although it is hard to fill up my pug tummy, I must say, they were a mouthful.


As I mentioned above, although I just met my friends at PawPack, I honestly felt that they could read my mind and knew what I needed at this time of my life. I’ve had my trust Kong friend for years. He’s been with me for all three years that I’ve been on this puggin’ earth but unfortunately, my teeth have finally gotten through his rubber. My mama was JUST the other day complaining about Kong’s  dying rubber and today my friends at PawPack sent us a brand new chew toy called the Diamond Plate Double Tuff by Orbee-Tuff.


He is silver and shiny so of course, he immediately grabbed my attention!



I think I will be seeing more of PawPack!

There were so many other useful things in my PawPack, such as my new friend, who I will be calling the Indestructible Bear! I am notorious for taking out the stuff and fluff from toys so I appreciate PawPack for thinking about my safety and ensuring that only safe toys were passed on to me!

Isn’t this awesome? I’m telling you, it was like Christmas in July! I was so happy about the products I received that I made mama look up to see if I can subscribe to PawPack regularly. She is looking into it and found a 40% discount code that seals the deal. Type in AUGPACKER at checkout to see the final price.


Pawpack Giveaway!

If you’re still not convinced that PawPack is as awesome as I say it is, I’ve got a special offer for you. We’re giving away one free PawPack to one of our readers so that you all can try it out and see for yourself how you like it and let your experience dictate your commitment to delicious treats and excellent products. We’re convinced you won’t be disappointed.

To enter to win a free PawPack for August, simply answer this question in the comment box below- “What makes YOU most excited about trying a PawPack?”.

Excited to see your entries! Submissions will be taken until August 1st, 2014. We will announce a winner on August 2nd, 2014. 🙂


  1. Frankie and Ernie on

    OMD Bunk….. that is like the cornucopia of snack and toy boxes… HOW did they get all that stuffs… STUFFED in there?

    What would excite US would be the SNACKS and The TOTAL SURPRISE of what MIGHT be inside the box.

  2. Wow, how wonderful! What makes me most excited about it would have to be opening it! I love opening stuff for me. And stuff that isn’t for me, but who’s keeping track.

  3. What makes me most excited is having our own Christmas in July and I love the Orbee Tuff products! Haven’t seen the one displayed in your post at my pet store yet…seems to be a perfect size for smaller dogs 🙂

  4. We have seen quite a few different pet boxes but this one by far looks like it has some pawsome goodies in it – a little but of this and a little bit of that and things we could see ourselves using for sure.

  5. What makes me most excited is that Blueberry LOVES getting mail. Even if it isn’t for her she likes to check it out – so I can already imagine how thrilled she’d be with her very own mail!

    I’m pretty impressed with everything they put in that pack too – score!

  6. Pawpack is amazing, I love that their products are natural and organic. What makes me most excited is seeing Ozzie’sface when he gets to open the box. He gets so excited about new toys and that rope toy he would love! I like that they carefully select their products so it would be fun to see what they have in store for August!!

  7. OhMYPUG we has nevers seen so many good things for a pug in one spot. Usually our moms has to search the shelves, and online pages to come up wif even a few items that we would like and she would approve of…(sometimes that is a whole another post). We are so excited about your giveaway and any pug or other doggie would be happy to win it!!! Good luck to everyone that wins. Maybe I could come over and play wif that blue stuffie?
    stella rose

  8. I am excited to see the indestructible toys as my pack DESTROYS their toys in about ten minutes. I’m hoping to find something more durable. Oh, and the treats! Yum!!

  9. Toys and treats…and all a surprise…what’s not to like?! And variety being the spice of life and essential for keeping the mind occupied, any dog would love this pack with it’s varied contents every month 🙂

  10. WOW Bunk! that is a box crammed full of good stuff for a puggy or any doggie. Of course being pugs ourselves, the treats would be the best thing about getting a pawbox!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

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