Petstages ORKA Dental Links Blue Dog Chewing Toy


Petstages ORKA Dental Links Blue Dog Chewing Toy

Bunk the Pug chewing an orka link

This is by far Bunk’s most favorite chew toy. This has quite similar functions to the Petstages Mini Easy Toss Ring Dog Toy except I think it is a lot better. This toy is extremely sturdy and had lasted Bunk for about 3 months now. I think the rope in the middle is extremely sturdy because this is the section that Bunk holds on to and chews on as he plays tug. We pull at it very hard sometimes and it has still survived so far without a single thread coming out of it! I can honestly say that Bunk can play tug with this toy for hours without getting even slightly bored with it. The only problem is that as a human being, my poor hands start hurting a bit after he had been playing tug with us and growling and howling at this toy.

I have never washed this toy so I cannot really comment on how it does with water except for that Bunk has been slobbering on it for 3 months and this toy seems unaffected by it. I saw one review on Amazon that complained about its durability in the pool. Bunk’s experience has been nothing but positive with this toy and we would love to buy him another one if this one eventually wears out!

A couple of different places where you can get this toy are the following:


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