Blanket by Samantha’s Pet Shop


Today I will be reviewing an awesome blanket that I received this week.

Before I tell you about the blanket I received, let me tell you why I needed a blanket. I needed a new blanket because I have had my own one since by puppy days. For some of you who have known me the entire time, you might be used to seeing this blanket that has traveled from my mama and papa’s bedroom to the kitchen and from the living room into my mouth! I used to take it everywhere. Well, it has almost come to the end of it’s life friends and so my parents were on the hunt for a new one.

After looking for a while, we found a lovely one on Samantha’s Pet Shop! It has white bones and black paws on blue background and is made of fleece. I got the sides of mine machine stitched, but you can also have Samantha tie prayer tie-knots around it. I liked the machine-stitched sizes for two reasons. First of all, they are double-stitched to ensure durability against even the roughest of dogs (remember, I am a pit-pug!). Secondly, I have a tendency of trying to eat frilly things, and so my mama thought it would be best to have one that does not have anything sticking out on the sides that tempts me!:)


My mama also likes the fact that this blanket is one that can be machine-washed (with cold water) and dried with low-heat. This means she does not have to hand wash them. This is important for me since I love drooling all over my blankets (well, really over everything) and my mama needs to wash my things all the time!


Something else that my mama likes about Samantha’s Pet Shop in general is that their communication is great. Samantha got in touch with my mama within a day (sometimes within minutes) from the time she was emailed with questions. My product was also delivered very quickly and in an extremely timely fashion.


The thing I personally like about this blanket is that it is something I can use in all seasons. As a pug, I tend to get very hot very easily and this is one of those blankets that keep me just warm enough without making me pant!


My mama says she is reserving this pretty blanket for the bed. That means, I cannot carry it to the car with me. I have to use my old blanket in the car instead.

Thank you Samantha and Samantha’s Pet Shop for my fresh, new blankie! It will be spending tons of time with me in my bed (well, and with my drool).

Do you have a favorite blanket that you LOVE? What about it makes it so special to you?


  1. What a nice looking blanket! It looks very cozy, and the blue looks good with your furs. I don’t have a blankie of my own, but my kitty brother Scribbles has a special towel that he hangs out with in his carrier and goes to the vet with. It has a cowboy on it, and he says it makes him feel tough enough to manage the vet.

  2. Susie and Sidebite on

    Oh Bunk, that blankie is so you buddy! Yep we each have one, mine stays on the bed and bites stays in HIS (Dads) chair!

    The Mad Scots

  3. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning on

    That is a great blanket,Bunk. And the color is great against your shiny black furs. Ciara has one similar to it that Stella’s Mom Jo made for her as a puppy. It is a little small for her now but it is still in great shape. We will check out that shop.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Frankie Furter and Ernie on

    Hey BUNK… THAT is one SNAZZY Blankie fur sure. One that a PUG could fall in LOVE with. It is PERFECT fur your needs throughout the seasons! LOVE the colors too.

  5. Hi everyone! I am so glad Bunk enjoyed his blanket. All my furry babies throughout my childhood and my two boys now have always had something special of their own to cuddle with. It has helped inspire me to make the most cuddle-some blankets possible!

    For all of Bunk’s followers out there I would like to extend the following offer:

    Stanley, my baby Shi Tzu, would like to offer a 10% off any order for $5.00 or more. All you have to do is enter the following code to receive the discount.

    The code is: Stanley

    Thanks again Bunk! I am glad that blanket found a forever home with you. 🙂



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