Design 4 Pets and Peeps Dog Tag


Recently, my PetSmart Dog Tag was falling into pieces so my mama decided to look into ways to order a brand-new dog tag! She went into Etsy and typed in dog tags and the awesome shop, Design 4 Pets and Peeps Dog Tag popped up!


We ordered the Guitar Pick style tag with layering charm. This is THE perfect combination for a pug like me. As many of you know, I live in the Music City, Nashville, TN. This is why I picked the guitar pick. Since Nashville is in the South, the layering that says “Woof Y’all!” is perfect for me. It makes me sound very southern. Besides, this is a perfect start to making my name is a professional band member for  Bunk The Pug and the Curly Tailed Disasters.


I really enjoyed my communication with the shop owner Kelly because she pretty much replied to every single message that my mama sent her in a good five minutes. She would either reply saying she needed a little more time to look at the subject in question or would give us a prompt answer. With independent Etsy shops, this is always something we value because it lets us get honest, quick feedback on our thoughts and it helps us make quick decisions that result in prompt delivery of the products.


My tag is copper and silver, so it goes perfectly with my black coat. It is also light-weight so I can easily carry it with my 16-pound pug body!


As you can see from my handsome pictures, the product turned out to be an impeccable piece and I absolutely love it! The Guitar pick is stamped with my name and I was able to put a saying of my choice (A curly-tailed disaster) along the edge. My papa’s contact information in on the back, but if I do get lost, good luck coming near me because if you dare touch my beautiful tag, I’ll probably run away! I love it too much to let anyone look or steal it.


The best part is that this tag is completely customizable, and so you can tell Kelly however you want it to look and she can make it happen.

Jealous of my awesome new tag? You don’t have to be! Head on over to Design 4 Pets and Peeps Dog Tag and order yours today! Kelly has a million and one designs and she can make basically anything happen for you. Let her know Bunk The Pug sent ya!

I was provided with a free sample from the company for review. That being said, all the opinions expressed in this review are honest and express only my opinion. 


  1. Glad ya got something suitable for a pawsome rocker like you! We’ll be checking it out soon as Max’s is looking a little ruff lately too – thanks for the review!

  2. Frankie Furter and Ernie on

    That tag looks grrrrreat against your furs. We are gonna check this place out… right NOW. THANKS Buddy.

    BUTT WHY oh WHY do your peeps say you are destructive???

  3. OMD! Bunk that is the most FABulous tag EVER!!!! I do love the ‘pick’ shape, too!
    It really look amazin’ on you dude…bite off the fingers of anyone who tries to take it, ok?! BOL

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