The Honest Kitchen Love™ Dog Food Review


The Honest Kitchen Love™ Dog Food Review

Recently, my papa and mama have been looking into raw food diets. This is because we have been having a lot of trouble with my kibble. I used to be on Blue Buffalo when I was a puppy. Everything was going well, but then my humans got a free sample of Orijen and fell in love with it. So then, give that Orijen is a better quality kibble, my humans decided to feed it to me. I was very excited and everything was going well. Well, a couple of months from then when I went to the vet, the vet told my parents that the high protein content in Orijen was making me a fat pug! That is when, I changed back to Blue Buffalo. Again, I was happy but the next visit to the vet was miserable. The vet told the humans that I had some tiny crystals in my tummy. She told my parents to switch to something different, maybe a come common brand. For a good two weeks, my parents switched to Nutro. I have had no adverse affects from Nutro, but my mama is a little worried about all the horrible reviews she keeps reading about it. In fact, she is quite worried about the horrendous reviews out there about MANY dog food brands, Chinese or not! A bunch of the American ones apparently are killing people’s dogs. I don’t know how much truth there is to it all, because really sometimes it might be the humans who are at fault. That being said, my mama has been in search of a good quality food for me that is free of some of the basic issues with dog food and can be trusted.

That brings us to The Honest Kitchen. The Honest Kitchen is all about having a healthy dog. What really attracted my mama to the company is that they are very bold. They applied for and were approved by the FDA to state on their bag that their food is “human grade”. This is really nice because my mama says what the mama can’t have can’t possibly be good for the pug!


The Honest Kitchen has human-grade dog food that is gently dehydrated to retain most of the nutrients and natural goodness in the fresh ingredients. You can simply add water and give it to your pets to create a very delicious and nourishing meal!


We have been trying their Love™ formula. The Honest Kitchen website states, “Love™ is a gluten-free dog food recipe made with dehydrated Midwestern beef and produce like sweet potatoes, dandelion greens and papaya.


Love is a higher-protein, higher-fat, natural human-grade dog food, that’s perfect for all life stages, including puppies, pregnancy and nursing as well as active adults dogs, who need a performance dog food. Because Love is grain and gluten free, it’s great for dogs who have allergies to grains or gluten, or those who need a low carbohydrate dog food. It’s also ideal for dogs with egg or poultry allergies.”


So far, I have been eating Love™ for ten days! I must say, I really enjoy it! My humans have been very, very slowly transitioning me to the new formula. Right now, I eat Love™ in the morning with some kibble. As a 16 pound pug, I mix 1/4 cup Love™ with 3/4 cup water. I then add about 2 tablespoons of the 1/4 cup kibble I was already having to it. This way, the humans have been able to get me to adjust to the new food. At night, they still feed me 1/4 of my kibble. Starting next week, I will be eating  1/4 cup Love™ with 3/4 cup water, and 2 tablespoons of my old kibble, twice a day. By the end of the month, the humans hope to fully transition me to the Love™ formula!

IMG_0745Here is what the formula looks like while it is dry (the way it is sent to you). 

IMG_0746Here is what the formula looks like five minutes after you add water to it!

I would advise that you change your dog’s food depending on how soon you think your dog can adjust to it. Given that I have never had dehydrated raw food before and have always been on kibble, my humans are going an extremely slow route. Besides, they are trying to get rid of the old kibble!

So far, Love™ has been great for me. I am able to digest it with absolutely no problems. My mama noticed that since I have started to eat Love™, even if I miss my fish oil skin treatment for a day or two, I don’t get itchy. I think that means that Love™ is good for my allergies!

The other thing that I really love about the Love™ formula (get it?) is that I am able to get in TONS of water through this! I don’t have to have a trillion sips of water afterwards. My body feels completely and utterly hydrated!


Also, it is nice to know that I can just eat this one meal and get all the necessary nutrients! It is quite a wholesome meal.


My mom also thinks that Love™has really helped me with my fart problems. Although I think my humans need to accept me for who I am, they seem to be glad that this problem is gone!

The only negative is that, my humans are super lazy in the morning because they need to wake up at 5:00 a.m. to go to school. That being said, you have to mix Love™ with water and wait for 5 minutes before you can feed it. I am super impatient and so while my papa takes me out, my mama has to prepare the food. In the morning, I am in a hurry to peep and poop because I want to eat ASAP and so I usually return home before the five minutes of soaking the food is up and moan and whine until I am fed! So, if you have an impatient dog like me, you need to step up your game and prepare it ASAP so that your beloved pooch does not have to wait!

Also, it took a while for us to pour the food into my container. My mama thinks it would be nice if there was a ziplock bag of sorts this packed this stuff. Given that it is very expensive, mama does not want to drop any of it on to the floor while pouring it into my meal box!

Well, Liz at The Honest Kitchen has given me a couple of different recipes and treats to try and I will be trying them all for the next couple of weeks. Be sure to check my next reviews.

photoLook at the post-meal leftovers on my mouth!

All in all, The Honest Kitchen is a kind and honest company that really cares about the well-being of your dog. My humans emailed them and told them that we are very concerned about me and want to try a new food, and have no idea how raw diets work, and they happily (and extremely generously, if you notice the price of their products) sent me full size samples to try and review. I am very grateful for that and will be paying full prize to eat their formulas from here on out!

Thanks Liz and The Honest Kitchen, for helping me pick the food that is best for me. 🙂

I was provided with free samples from the company for review. That being said, all the opinions expressed in this review are honest and express only my opinion. 


  1. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning on

    Mom has tried The Honest Kitchen with Phantom but he doesn’t like his food wet at all. He was intrigued by the smelly goodness. Mom thinks it is a spectacular food option, but it would be too expensive for four of us even if Phantom would eat it. She likes it when we can all eat the same food. We all eat California Natural Grain free chicken formula. It is lower in protein and Mom definitely notices the disappearance of the gassiness we had on the food we were eating before that. Hard to know what is the best way to go, but everyone needs to do what works best for their own pup. Glad you are doing so well on this one, Bunk.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    • Proctor & Gamble bought California Naturals (you can sign up for dog food recall notices on not too long ago so be very aware of the dog food recalls. For my pugs I home cook…meat usually organic ground lamb 30 / 3 oz patties for 30 days frozen and you can precook them before freezing, veggies consisting of peas, carrots, green beans as they are more alkaline and because pugs tend to have kidney/bladder stones… lunch usually contains a carbohydrate like sweet potatos, potatos, sometimes pasta or rice and dinner tends to stay on the liter side. Hope this helps as we lost our very loved 17 year old pug to dog food recalls that we weren.t aware of until more pets got sick (at the time we thought kibble was more convenient due to work but we did mostly home cook for her). Also had a similar experience with Blue Buffalo making our pugs sick because of too much protein.

  2. That looks tasty! If I wasn’t on a home cooked diet I would either get Orijen (I’m an active girl, and the high protein keeps me fit, not fat!) or The Honest Kitchen. Their Pecks treats are tasty!

  3. It does sound good especially for me who has a poultry allergy ….does it have grains in it too though as I am allergic to those as well – sigh. Mom has a real problem finding food for me. We eat a raw food diet – we get bison patties that are frozen, mom just defrosts them and we gobble them down. We gets lots of veggies and fruits too.

  4. Hi Bunk
    My FURiend Bellatrix gave me some Honest Kitchen food to try out. Being a pug, I loved it. My Mommy mixed it with my kibble. I doubt she will switch me to HK food as I currently have no allergies to anything and I like the crunch of my kibble. But once in a while she would love to add it to my diet for the extra vitamins and minerals. She said my fur is extra soft from eating it.
    I hope it works out for you – it works for Bellatrix cuz she is super shiny and slim!
    Love Noodles

  5. Susie and Sidebite on

    Sounds like you may have found the answer to your problems, hope it all works, and you continue to be a happy Pug, now about that farting. Dad says it is a natual body function, so we proodly do it, especially when I sit next to Mom, Heeheehee!

    The Mad scots

  6. Frankie Furter and Ernie on

    Bunk WE have never heard of this before. You did an astounding review of it. We give you an A+ fur that.

    Now about the Farting… We don’t see the problem with farts.. in fact…. WE love em. Just sayin buddy.

  7. Wow, that was a great review Bunk! This is very interesting to Ma cause I am on a ‘prescription diet’ from the vettie, butts I am havin’ a hard time maintaining my proper weight (even though it is a ‘diet’ food), and Ma thinks something along either the frozen or this might be a good option. She’s a little worried abouts the cost thou.

  8. Woof! Woof! Hey I eat Orijen … its a great food. Your mom/dad should have lessen the amount of food you were given. Moist it with a bi of hot water makes a difference. The food expands so much. Golden LAUGHS on your fart issues. Happy Tasty Tuesday! Golden Thanks for joining the hop. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. We might have to look into Love for our pug, Audi, then. He farts like it’s his fulltime job.

    Great review of Honest Kitchen.

  10. we tried honest kitchen for some of our pups but some of them dont like the moist food so we went back to grain free kibble, it is a great quality food though

    urban hounds

  11. Hello Bunk and mama

    You must be drawn to Bend Oregon because that is where Orijen started. I was reading your blog because you too asked me for some samples today 🙂

    I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents because I have been on a soap box and blogging about Dogs getting back to basics raw food and food that looks and smells like real food. The “Blue” brand claims to be made in the USA like many companies out there BUT that is a BIG FAT LOOP HOLE! They maybe made in the USA and manufactured in the USA BUT THEIR Protein of choice is not. Chicken DUCK and many other meats are being shipped in from china and why the USDA is letting people get away with this on packaging drives me nuts! It is a lot of food work but reading the package is not enough, you need to call these pet food companies you’d like to give your hard earned money to and ask….WHO IS YOUR SUPPLIER? For all ingredients.

    This my Dog and Pet Loving friends is the sad truth about a lot of commercial dog food and treats.
    My best advice read, call and make your own pet meals xooxox it should look and smell like real food.
    I can’t wait to hear what you think of my sweet potato chews 🙂

    Thanks for the story Bunk and mama

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