ToyShoppe® XL Fleece Dog Toys


ToyShoppe® XL Fleece Dog Toys


Pug chewing on a Toy Shoppe fluffy animal

We bought Bunk 2 of these when we were teaching him the “Leave it!” command. Kip, Bunk’s awesome trainer at PetSmart, had told us that we needed 2 things of equal value to teach him to leave it and get another one. It helped a lot and now Bunk is a pro at leaving “it”! Therefore, the first great advantage of the Fleece bones is that they are great to teach your dog tricks and train them.

For about a month, Bunk played with the fleece toys and at times even fell asleep on them. We really liked them because they seemed quite sturdy. About a month into owning these Fleece Dog Toys, Bunk was able to chew into them and get the stuffing out. We thought we would not buy these again because we don’t want him to chew through it again. I will have to say though that Bunk is a pretty powerful chewer so seriously just because he chewed it out does not necessarily mean every single breed or size of dog will do the same.


Here are a couple of places in which you can buy the Fleece Dog Toys:

Pet Smart


  1. So cute! Minnie destuffs her toys right away, then continues to play with them unstuffed. It’s so cute to see her spit out the stuffing. Sometimes she falls asleep with the destuffed animal in her mouth! She also does the same thing with the squeaker, then plays with the squeaker like a cat. (Don’t tell her I said that.)

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. My 10yr old Westie has had numerous teddy bears (same size as him) and he de-stuffs one per year but doesn’t eat the stuffing, thankfully. He loves to throttle the bear and when de-stuffed and soggy I put a couple of old small towels inside and he loves trying to pull them out too!! Hours of simple fun. Love the fleecey bones!

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