True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts



As you all know, Mr.Chewy is one of my best friends. Recently, he sent me True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts to try out. I’ve tried True Chews before and my family loves this brand for various reasons. First of all, my mama says that this is one of the most ‘not-messy’ treats in the world. I can munch on it but since it literally looks and tastes like jerky, the treat will not fall in crumbles to the ground!

What I really like about the True Chew Premium Jerky Cuts is that they are really thick. This makes it easy for me to chew on them for a large amount of them. I like these better than bully sticks and such because they’re made from real chicken AND will not get smelly or weird. If you live in a house like mine with a crazy germ-a-phobe mama, you’d totally appreciate that.


Since I am so small, my mama only feeds me one per week. That’s OK though because the packaging is one in one of those air-tight bags with a nice closure so we can easily close it and stow it away for next time.


True Chews Chicken Jerky Fillets  are made in the U.S.A. Premium Jerky Cuts are a 100% natural, high protein treat that of course I love and I’m sure your pooch will too! These American-sourced, American-made real chicken jerky tenders are rawhide-free and contain no artificial flavors or fillers.  This means that they NATURALLY taste this delicious!



Not that you can tell by the way my tongue is hanging out, but I really did love the True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts. Also, since they’re HUGE, I feel like they will last me forever. If your dog is even smaller than mine, my mama says that you can break it down to even smaller treats.



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