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Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

YES, dogs can eat eggs. You can get them in many different forms: scrambled, hard-boiled, fried, and some even prefer them raw!

Pug with egg

When You Should Feed Your Dog Eggs

The only problem you may see with dogs eating eggs is the potential side effects. They are not super severe side effects as you may be thinking. The two biggest ones are weight gain and flatulence, or passing gas so if your dog lets out a stinky one after a meal of eggs, don’t be too surprised.

You may be aware that some dogs are more prone to weight gain than others when eating fatty foods. Eggs are high in fat and protein so you should be aware of this when you portion out the eggs to feed your dog. Most of the fat is stored in the yolk of the egg so to keep the fat down you could simply give your dog only the white part of the egg.

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Eggs

One side effect of dogs eating eggs is actually a positive one. It’s been known that when dogs eat eggs, it keeps their coat, or fur shiny. Keeping the fur shiny will keep your dog looking younger and stronger.

Dogs Naturally Magazine says that there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about raw feeding and it seems the poor egg is often dragged through the mud as a dangerous food for dogs. Opponents of eggs claim that they are too high in cholesterol, they pose a risk of salmonella and that they cause a biotin deficiency. To that, we say nonsense! Eggs are not only a cheap and safe source of raw food for your dog, they are one of the most complete and nutritious meals you can choose!

Can dogs eat eggs?

Dogs and Raw Eggs

Egg whites contain enzyme inhibitors – One of the reasons pet owners are warned off eggs is that the whites contain enzyme inhibitors which can interfere with digestion, especially in very young and old animals. This is true, but it only means that eggs should not be the mainstay of the diet. It is perfectly safe to feed several eggs a week to the average dog. If you don’t see evidence of digestive upset when feeding eggs to dogs, then he should have no trouble if eggs are a regular part of his diet. Cooking the egg white could solve this problem but much of the nutrition would be lost so it is best to feed it raw.

Dogs Naturally Magazine lays down the facts on the raw eggs.

Eggs are a complete food source – Eggs are an important source of nutrition for not only many predators, but for the chick living inside it. Inside the egg are all the nutrients necessary to grow a new chicken. Eggs are also one of the most complete sources of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Eggs are a good source of:

Vitamin A
Vitamin B12
Fatty Acids

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    • I have an APBT, a 3 month old pup. Been feeding it halfway cooked eggs for 3 weeks and is the happiest and healthiest looking dog. No signs of GI problems. Her coat is amazing.

      • I feed my 2 pit mix dogs 5 eggs each twice a day for over a year no problems. Cooked over easy just the way I like them and they love it. They save their kibble for last. Also good for me is $3 per day cost for 20 eggs.
        Dog food industry is 4 billion per year, they have a vested interest in pushing you away from anything other then processed dog feed. I also cooked them chicken breast with bones for over 3 years never any problem. The only problem I ever had was when my dog got a beef rib bone stuck on her teeth. I pulled it out out. It was stuck good, but she is obsessive about chewing on bones

        • Thank you I’ve been having trouble feeding my small dog dog food , so today I put hard boil egg in her food she loved it . If there are any other foods you know of let me know?

      • Give them in extreme moderation. Puppies need to be on a diet that provides them with all of the things they need to grow strong into adulthood. Dog food does that. Hard boiled eggs should be given just as the occasional treat.

  1. One of my dogs vets said to NEVER give dogs raw eggs. They must be cooked. I have a 10 pound dog and he said it’s okay to feed her 1 cooked egg per day. It has a lot of omegas in them and helpful to keep her joints healthy.

    • PS…. organic properly raised and fed chicken eggs. Not this pesticide crap eggs that are terribly unhealthy for all beings.

    • my breeder recommended giving eggs (hard boiled or Raw to our puppies) they had terrible diarrhea for days) we realized it was the eggs were a big factor. They just can’t digest it properly, though some pets get bad gas, as the article mentions , is that a good thing or is there a reaction to the eggs (mild or not).

    • My one dog cannot deal with raw egg as it causes very loose stool. She is also not so find of egg andvi have to mix in somethind tasty for her to finish it. Other completly fine with raw. I do lightly cook for one and don’t give raw whites.

    • How much did he eat? We feed Bunk eggs all of the time, but in small amounts. Can you please provide more details? We would really like to know so that we can alter our post accordingly.

      • We have 9 good sized Doberman puppies, They had three hard boiled eggs smashed into their respective dog bowls (one egg for each three dogs) they ALL got sick as mentioned in my previous posting. We figured it was low quality dog food given by our breeder initially, changed their dog food to Orijen but kept the eggs, all dogs still sick, then When the eggs stopped, stool returned to normal. They are all happy and healthy, no bloated bellies and terrible diarrhea as before!

  2. Just like people are different and tolerate diets in different ways, so are dogs. Eggs are ok if they suit your dog, but avoid any kind of excess. Raw eggs are not bad, only if they have disease…but its not the actual egg. With todays industrialized food where much disease abounds, it is better to cook the egg. Avoid too much oil, better boil it. What does affect dogs are severe changes in diet, so add any changes in small percentage to their usual diet. I really recommend to add cooked carrot, peas, etc. to their diet; dogs can digest vegetables and love them.

  3. hi there, i been feeding my dog yolk only, will it have any effects? after she ate, she vomit it out after few hours. Is a min pin. please advice. thx

    • I would talk to your vet about it, but I would recommend that you stop feeding your dog anything that causes vomiting.

  4. I feed my dog raw egg every morning. I wash it before I put it in his bowl just in case there is something there. He loves eating egg and always saves it to last. Its like an edible toy for him. Sometimes he’ll eat a part of the shell too.

    • hi…hey look, try cooking the egg for him…a quick scramble…if you have a little grated cheddar throw it in…i betcha it will be the FIRST thing he eats…i don’t think dogs wait
      for the best thing last…:)…just an experiment…try it out. …:)

  5. I read this and it says that dogs cannot have raw egg whites and neither should they have the raw shells as they are hard to digest???

    Avidin is a glycoprotein found in raw egg white. It combines stoichiometrically with biotin. The toxic effect of uncooked egg white which causes a syndrome similar to that of vitamin B deficiency (Boaz 1924) led to the discovery of the vitamin biotin (Gyorgy 1931, 1939). The toxic factor, first isolated by Eakin et al. (1940, 1941) who named it avidin, combines with the essential growth factor resulting in a “non-digestible” avidin-biotin complex which is not absorbed from the intestine or from the surrounding medium by microorganisms. Avidin plays an important role in biotin function studies and in the study of several enzymes in which biotin is a coenzyme. Avidin or avidin subunits bound to a matrix have been utilized for affinity purification (Berger and Wood, 1975; Green and Toms, 1973).

    VERY hard to work out who is right and wrong with these diets for animals…..

    • Well, people have different viewpoints. We feel our dog eggs (left-overs mostly because he’s tiny) all the time and he’s completely fine.

      • I am not sure it’s worth the gamble. Some folks smoke and never get cancer….A person can live on eggs and twinkies but that doesn’t mean it is really good for one’s health. A car can run on cheap gas but should you do it if you want long use of the car? I’m thinking no. Having had a bad experience it’s just not worth it for the clean up or the general health of the dog over all IMVHO.

  6. Well, I have 3 organic free ranging hens and they have their nest they made for themselves in a secluded area. My little Min Pin loves raw eggs and when the hens are not on the nest and I have not seen an egg she will help herself to any eggs there may be. She has the most beautiful coat, very shiny all over but I have to admit I am going to have to make an off the ground nest for the hens as she is picking up weight eating all the eggs :p. She is a small girl and it’s amazing to see how she can carry an egg (they are much bigger than shop eggs) in her mouth (only on the pointy side of the egg) sit down, gently pierce the shell in a circle around the egg, open it and then eat it. She also eats the whole shell when she has finished with the insides.

    She has never been sick from any eggs.

  7. Bubba& Monty.
    I have fed my tiny Cavapoo and my not so tiny Golden Retriever pups scrambled egg in small amounts from 8 weeks..
    they suffered a bout of severe Diarrhea at 20 and 10 weeks respectively.. vet blamed the eggs… stopped feeding eggs
    stool returned to normal then a week later Diarrhea returned …on investigation it turned out a well meaning but uninformed
    neighbor was throwing chocolate biscuits over the six foot wall that borders my yard.. The eggs have now been reintroduced
    with no side effects.. except for Montys rather smelly emissions I have also put a note on my gate asking that food not be tossed over the gate and moved the fence back so that food thrown over wall cannot reach my dogs…So I think the benefits outweigh the possible side effects..the dogs coats are shiny and healthy looking and they are fit and very healthy dogs …Mary

  8. I have a 6 year old bulldog with some skin skin allergies. I started feeding him 1 raw egg every morning and noticed a massive change in his health( for the better). Not only did his skin condition start to clear up, i was able to cut back on his medication, hes not scratching or chewing himself anymore and he has more energy than he has had in the last couple years. If your dog can stomach eggs I would recommend it.

  9. I have been feeding eggs to my dogs for years. I have been eating the same eggs for years too. We have not had any problems and love the eggs. For the dogs, I put the raw eggs in their bowl, pour an equal volume of hot milk on them so that they get mildly cooked and give it to them immediately.

  10. I feed my puppy one boiled egg (when cooked) with his evening meal. He loves it and his stool is normal. I wouldn’t give him a raw egg though…

  11. Chloé the podenco on

    I try to feed 2 or 3 eggs max à week … Same as for me health wise.
    Shes never had soft or running stools. i feed them raw if just purchased .

  12. I give my four basset hounds eggs laid by my silkie bantam hens. They wait for me to collect them and carry them in their mouths, piercing the shell with their teeth, licking out the inside and then eat most of the shell. They love them and are very healthy dogs. No problem with eating eggs.

  13. I scramble eggs with coconut oil for my 10 month old german shepherd and he loves it!! The eggs also cook really well in the coconut oil. He has a very sensitive GI tract, but eggs seem to work well with his digestive system.

  14. I have a 4 month old norfolk retriver is a boiled egg daily fine for her. Things are kinda expensive here in Pakistan. I try my best be it leaving my own share for her (as long as its dog friendly food)

  15. I have 3 dogs ranging in size from a very small Yorkie to mid size Coonhound and a large yellow lab. All of them eat eggs raw everyday it is a complete protein of course with the shell. You should not give them just the white or just the yellow together is the only way for them to get the benefits with out the adverse reaction of the Biotin . This is how nature or God intended for animals to live.

  16. I have a 2 year old American Bulldog & a 3 month old Pitt. They both get scrambled eggs every morning. Both of there coats look great & my American Bulldog quit scratching after we started the eggs.

  17. I have a 9 mo. old Dogo Argentino. He loves raw eggs, shell and all. I also mix raw hamburger in with his dry kibble daily. He’ll pick out the burger and leave most of the kibble until later, but if an egg was mixed into the batch………it’s all gone right now! I also give him a daily tablespoon of organic coconut oil and his skin and coat are beautiful. (No gas, loose stools or digestive issues either)

    • Eric Ruvalcaba on

      Hello Bill,

      We also have a Dogo Argentino puppy and feed her boiled eggs without the shell several times a week. Her coat is very shinny and notice her farts are a little bit more stinky. Do you know of the other benefits eggs have for Dogos? Should we include the shell as part of her treat?

      Thank you!

  18. I feed my dogs egss all the time no problem. One of my dogs even eats the poo from the other ones. So it gets double eggs. Never gets sick.

  19. I gave both my dogs cooked eggs once and it made them both throw up. At the time I didn’t realize it was the eggs. But a few weeks later I gave one of them eggs and it made her throw up again. So I don’t give them eggs anymore.

  20. i have a rotti … and he is incridbly strong .
    i feed him thrice a day … 5 eggs each time , 15 eggs a day & royal canin is the best food so far i have been feeding my rotti . . i also change his meals with boiled meat and in mid day i serve him curd or milk & at time fruits .
    he is perfctly fine at digesting food .
    just give your dogs 1 or 2 hrs of extensive play( i train him 3 hrs a day my self ) it will grow amazingly & will never have health issues .

  21. Hi!!

    I have a Pom Pet named Guchhu Pie Jain, she do not eat anything so daily I give her 2 Boiled eggs.I just want to know is it harmful for her as her age is just 1 year.

    Rarely she eats dog foods as she loves eggs.

    Sometimes she do light vomets but sometimes not daily.Please advise me to keep her healthy as she is very lovable and I cannot compromise with her health.

    Thanks in advance.

  22. I give each dog one raw egg in the morning, and one at night. I out the egg right on too of the dry dog food. I am planning to gradually add more egg/less dry until I can stop buying dry dog food completely. I just didn’t like the way they looked and behaved while on a dry only diet. Their eyes didn’t seem as bright. Does that make sense? Anyway, they LOVE the raw eggs, and were eating the shells too for awhile, until I noticed they were leaving them. So now I add shells every few days, and they gobble them up.


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